Overwatch Free-to-play For The Holidays

Overwatch is now giving out a free trial for the duration of the holiday period, starting from today and ending after the New Year on January 6.

Just like last year, free trial players who weren’t able to buy the game will have full access to the game including 32 heroes, 28 maps, and all the game modes currently in the game you’ll also be able to earn loot including the new Winter Wonderland Skins.

You’ll be able to play with friends across all platforms thanks to cross-play, and all progress will carry forward if you buy the game on the same account, including leveling up, unlocking customization options, earning loot boxes, etc.

It will be available free-to-play for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, while players who are playing on the PC will require a battle.net account. PS4 and PS5 players must have PlayStation Plus to play Overwatch, while Xbox players must have an Xbox Live Gold membership. However, the free trial is not available on the Nintendo switch.

Winter Wonderland event is currently running on Overwatch with its exciting events like Mei’s Snowball Offensive, Yeti Hunt, Snowball Deathmatch, 4v4 Freeze-thaw Elimination. The Winter Wonderland event will be ending on January 6, 2022.

In other news of Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment renamed the Overwatch’s cowboy gunslinger, ‘McCree’ and he is now known as Cole Cassidy.  This change happened due to the reports on ongoing harassment and toxicity against Activision Blizzard.