New World Server Merge is Finally Happening!

New World Server Merge

New World saw more than 900,000 concurrent players shortly after launch which led to long queues. In response, Amazon rapidly created a new server for players to play on promising free server transfer tokens later. Until now, looking at the end results of the servers which resulted in decreasing active players which is more than 500,000 and most of the servers are now ghost towns with only a few hundred active players.

While the game is still popular as it is the fourth most played game on steam with a peak player count of more than 120,000. To put it in a simple way, Amazon now has more servers than players to fill in.

After 3 months of the release of the game and losing 90% of the player, ‘New World’ is finally going to merge the servers. 3 days ago the developer’s team has given us a heads up that they will merge the server. They will be merging all of the worlds in the world set, Vanaheim Terra – Central EU and the world in the world set, Nibiru Mu – South America.

For Central Europe, Ishtakar, Metsola, Glitnir, Kalevala, Zu-Vendis, and Phaeacia were merged into Caer Sidi. For South America, Tuma, Svarga, Patala and Rukh were merged into Irkalla.

They held a downtime for preparations for the server merges for approximately 2 hours on December 9, 2021, to apply the pre-merge messaging and war scheduling blocks for all of the words listed above. Character creation and server transfers were also temporarily disabled until the merge.

Now, they have finally announced server merges taking place on December 10 at 7 PM GMT (11 AM PST) for both Central Europe and South America. These merges are being done to encounter the falling of player count in the servers. It must also be noted that after the server merge players won’t be able to transfer servers.

There has been a constant request on the server merges from the players facing low player count in the servers which is also affecting their progression and fun in the game. So it looks like Amazon Games Studio is finally ready to merge the servers and fulfilling the request of the players hopefully without any bug and we can’t be 100% sure on that.

AGS said back in November that, “When we are ready to take this technology to your worlds, there are a few things we look at in order to determine if the world is a candidate for the merge, including but not limited to population size and over engagement.” The monitoring of the servers also includes comparing things like the faction balance, language, and gameplay style between various servers.

Upon server merges, progress is not lost into another, with gold, items, houses. The only thing that does affect is the territories owned by the players, which are controlled by the host server where the servers are going to be transferred. In simple words, only the players on ‘Host Server’ (Caer Sidi and Irkalla) will have their territories as it is. This can lead to more competition for other players to fill in the other territories with more challenging faction wars with a higher population where the players will actually enjoy playing the game.

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