Everything you need to know about Lost Ark before launch

After ‘New World’, Amazon is going to launch an action-based MMORPG game ‘Lost Ark’ worldwide. Lost Ark is an upcoming MMORPG from developers Smilegate RPG and published by Amazon. Lost Ark was fully released in Korea, Russian, and Japan. The game hits almost 250,000 concurrent players in the Korean region alone during the 2021 update.

What is the Lost Ark?

Lost Ark is a 3D massively-multiplayer online action role-playing game that offers an immersive action-centric playing style and adopts a non-targeting combat system and a dynamic quarter-view angle to maximize the game experience.

The estimated time for the release is February 11, 2021. It is a free-to-play game but you can also buy ‘Founder’s pack’ from their website. The founder’s pack involves Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum each one comes with its own benefits. If you wish to buy the founder’s pack it’s not a bad idea however if you wish to get a refund for that you have to get the refund before the launch if you bought the game from Amazon, not Steam,  after the launch the game is non-refundable on Amazon.

The main thing is it is an MMO game with fantastic combat honestly this game the some of the flashiest and most incredible-looking attacks for some of the classes. Speaking of classes Lost Ark has 5 classes in total as of now. These classes have their own strengths and weaknesses and play styles. They come with some advanced classes or specialization which defines their abilities.


Warriors are the powerhouses of Arkesia. They may not be the most nimble, so they stand their ground and make up for mobility with cataclysmic impact. The Advanced class for Warrior is.

  • Berserker: Berserkers are powerful warriors with high damage sword attacks and powerful defense, but when they enter their burst mode, they are unstoppable. It heightens the state, increases attach and movement speed, unlocks a special skill that hurts a lot. Berserker has powerful skills such as Berserk Fury, Strike Wave, Whirlwind, Crime Hazard. 
  • Paladin: Paladins have a direct line to the powers of the gods, channeling their ancient might into potent offensive and defensive moves alike: They can use holy skills and buffs with the holy book to support their team from behind, or wield a sword and bring punishing skills to bear on the frontline. Paladins skills involve has Alithanes’s, Wrath of God, Execution of Justice, Law of God. 
  • GunLancer: As the first line of defense, gunlancers take the brunt of enemy attacks with their defensive stance and battlefield shield to keep the rest of their party safe. While their gun lance is a formidable weapon, their true value derives from their ability to protect allies and absorb damage like a sponge. GunLancer attacks involve skills such as Charged Stinger, Leap Attach, Hook Chain, Guardian’s Protection.

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Martial Artist

Martial Artists are known for their agility they like to rush the enemy with a combination of attacks at a lethal speed. They come with 4 advanced classes.

  • Striker: Striker is a martial arts class that attacks enemies like a strong wind. Since he is equipped with a variety of physical skills with fast movement, he displays splendid aerial combos after hitting enemies quickly and uses powerful elemental skills to turn the battle. The striker has 5 abilities unlike a ‘Warrior’ they are, Tiger Emerges, True Heavenly Awakening, Storm Dragon Awakening, Moon Flash Kick, Swift Wind Kick. 
  • Wardancer: Wardancers have quick fight skills with elemental power. They can store elemental energy to unleash in devastating attacks and defying gravity maneuvers. Wardancers come with 5 skills they are, Fist of Dominance, Advent Of The Phoenix, Flash Heat Fang, Lighting Kick, Triple Fish.
  • Scrapper: Scrappers are armed with heavy gauntlet, it draws on two inverse forms of attack that delivers destroys enemies rapidly. With the insane attack, defense, mobility, and lasting power they are well balanced. Scrapper comes with 5 abilities in total, Mysterious Art: Blast of Ruination, Crushing Smite, Undefeated Dragon King, Chain Destruction Fist, Death Sentence.
  • Soulfist: The soul fist switches between melee and ranged attacks, which can be used together for explosively powerful combos. They channel special energy called Adamance, which they can imbue into abilities or use to sustain themselves through fights. The abilities are Annihilating Ray, Heavenly Squash, Magnetic Palm, Pulverizing Palm, Deadly Finer.

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Gunners wield high-tech weapons or bows and arrows that cannot be jammed. They are sharpshooters and they hit hard with their worst shot.

  • Gunslinger: With a gun for every occasion and the ability to switch between them quickly, gunslingers are deadly opponents at any range. Light on their feet thanks to their catlike reflexes, gunslingers are hard to pin down—and quick to unload a flurry of shots on any unwary foe. The abilities are, Eye of Twilight, Last Request, Plasma Bulelt, Peacekeeper, Hour Of Judgement. 
  • Artillerist: Artillerists believe in firepower and lots of it, blasting their enemies with some of the biggest guns under the sun. They may not be the most mobile fighters, but they make up for their lack of agility with huge mechanical launchers and other hard-hitting weapons, heavy armor, and incredible destructive force. Their abilities are, Missile Barrage, Buckshot, Flamethrower, Gatling Gun, Napalm Shot.
  • DeadEye: With their flexible triple-wielding playstyle and brash attitude, you might mistakenly suppose that this rough-and-tumble rogue has a death wish. They do, but don’t worry—it’s just for their opponents. They can choose the most effective weapon from an arsenal that includes a double handgun, shotgun, and rifle. Deadeye abilities are Bursting Flare, Meteor Stream, Spiral Flame, Shotgun Rapid Fire, Death Fire. 
  • Sharpshooter:  Sharpshooters are ranged attackers who use mechanical bows with special arrows that have custom effects. Their high survivability and agility keep them in the fight for the long haul, and their stealthy machinations are excellent for exploiting enemy weaknesses. The abilities are, Golden Eye, Arrow Shower, Arrow Wave, Blade Store, Charged Shot.

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Mages are magic-type classes they can cast deadly spells on the enemies and heal the allies. In short, they are support type and reliable.

  • Bard: Virtuosos of the Liane harp, bards can evoke soothing serenades to heal their team—or unleash a chorus of pain on their unfortunate foes. Their attack power is rather low, but their ability to support allies makes them a harmonious part of any team. The attacks are Oratorio, Stigma, Rhythm Buckshot, Heavenly Tune, Prelude Of Storm. 
  • Sorceress: Sorceress was added in the recent update for Lost Ark. The Sorceress wields powerful magic based on three elements with spells that can deal area damage. They can easily handle multiple enemies helping them dominate the battlefield. Their new abilities are Incinerate, Frost Explosion, Ice Arrow, Lighting Burst. 

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Assassin is a melee fighting class and they are known for their agility which makes them quick at attacking and killing multiple enemies at the same time.

  • Shadowhunter: Shadowhunters prefer to beat the demons at their own game—they can shapeshift into powerful demonic forms to unleash chaotic power. When their inner demon is unleashed, shadowhunters get access to incredibly destructive powers and increased health and movement speed. Shadowhunter has comes with the following abilities, Demon Vision, Sharpened Cut, Fallen Ruin, Demonic Clone, Spinning Weapon.
  • DeathBlade: Deathblade is an assassin class that uses a total of three Swords that they wield alongside the power of chaos to swiftly slash their foes. The fast-paced combo attacks from the light dual swords and longsword overpower enemies, leading to death by a thousand cuts. Their abilities are Flash Bink, Spincutter, Soul Absorber, Blitz Rush, Moonlight Sonic. 

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Amazon only has publishing rights for certain countries/regions. North America and functional for the closed beta but other countries have already been added for the full release. So, hopefully, everyone will be able to play this game after the release.

Players who have played in the closed beta will lose their progress in the release. Lost Ark is free-to-play. You can purchase a founder’s pack for $15 which is the basic package and you can get 3 days early access to the game with the pack. Lost Ark will be available in English, Spanish, French, and German at launch.

To get the founder’s benefits, Steam customers will have their Founder’s Pack benefits auto-entitled for them. Amazon customers will automatically be sent a key in Early 2022, which is when their accounts will be charged.

The bottom line, it is not gonna be the game like how ‘New World’ is right now. Well, there will be bugs and stuff in every game hopefully this game will be more stable and enjoyable from ‘Amazon.’