Top Tips to Create the Perfect Fantasy Cricket Team

Are you looking to create a perfect fantasy cricket team? If yes, then you should have good knowledge of the game and playing skills to taste the success. Doing a lot of practice and coming up with some tips and tricks while doing team selection can make you an expert in the fantasy cricket team in no time. Today, we will discuss some of the tips and tricks to make you win through the perfect team. You can also download the new fantasy cricket app to know more about the team selection.

Go only with the best players

While right from childhood, you may be following your favorite cricket stars and want to include them in your fantasy cricket team to win the game. But you need to ensure to select the best players and never go with ‘big names’ for your game. You should pick up a good proportion of all-rounders as this can bring you close to winning, as all-rounders can make you win the points both for batting and bowling.

Go with a balanced team

You should have a balance between the number of batsmen and bowlers in your team. There are fantasy sports players who give preference to batsmen instead of bowlers. But such selection backfires, especially when the pitch is bowlers’ friendly and when the batsmen fail to perform. Choose a balanced team especially when the pitch is bowlers’ friendly or when the weather supports bowlers. Observe the pitch wisely along with the weather report to decide whether to go with fast bowlers or spinners.

Know your players and pick accordingly

This is a common mistake committed by fantasy players who are new to this game. Never attempt to participate in every tournament and play every game, especially when the money is involved. Always make smart decisions while selecting the games you play to keep the financial loss at bay. It is always seen that gamers who don’t know much about the players’ history end up selecting them and thus lose the game and money. Some people make a large investment in fantasy cricket games, and a minor misjudgment proves dangerous for them.

Take practical decisions

Be practical while selecting players for your fantasy cricket team. As your win in a fantasy cricket game depends on the players’ performance in a real match, it is wise to go with players who are in good form instead of only going with their names. However, ignoring the class performers is also not advisable as they may pick up their form and perform brilliantly.

Never involve your emotions during team selection. Check the player’s performance in past matches before selecting them. Players’ recent form matters a lot rather than their career. For instance, selecting your favorite player who is not in form can negatively hamper the entire game.

Choose the players as per the weather condition

It may seem strange to you at first, but the weather conditions where the match will be played and the pitch conditions are the two factors that directly affect the players’ performance. For instance, there are players whose performance gets affected by the rain and windy conditions, while many players play well even on windy days. Hence you should choose the players based on their relative strength.

Go with multiple teams.

Although creating multiple teams may require more time and effort, this will increase your chances of winning as one of your selected teams may have the right players to win.


It is good to go with multiple teams as it allows you to try several team combinations and prioritize various aspects during team selection. Hence if one of your teams fails with many points, you still have hope to win the contest with another team.

Pay extra attention while choosing the captain and vice-captain.

This is a make-or-break decision. In fantasy cricket, the selection of captain and vice-captain should be done properly as these two players earn 2x and 1.5x points compared to other players. Hence, your choice of these two players can make the difference between winning big or losing the game. A careful selection of these two players can give you an advantage over your rivals.

Follow all the tips mentioned above to get a perfect fantasy cricket team that can perform and help you win, big!