Azoth Staff Quest Chain for New World

Azoth Staff Quest Chain

Azoth Staff is one of the most important tools in ‘New World’  for completing specific random events accessing expeditions. Previously ‘Azoth Staff’ was also known as ‘Corruption’s Bane’, you must complete the Main Storyline started by The Hermit (Yonas Alazar) at Fisherman’s Bend on the southeastern border of Monarch’s bluffs.

Note: This story will be available once you have hit level 12. 


With Azoth Staff, you can beat corruption portals, breaches, and monoliths. These random events can vary in difficulty. Higher tiers of the Azoth Staff are needed to close higher-level Corruption Breaches, and they can be obtained after the completion of specific Main Stories.

  • Tier I – Forge Your Azoth Staff
  • Tier II – Covenant Commitment
  • Tier III – The Alliance
  • Tier IV – Race for the Box, used to seal level 50 Corruption Breaches.
  • Tier V – The Tempest’s Heart, used

To get your first Azoth Staff all you have to do is follow the main story quest until you see the available quest at Fisherman’s bend “Yonas the Hermit”. I’d suggest taking things slow instead and continuing leveling your character until you have reached level 20.

new world fishermans bend

This quest series can take you in all of Aeturnum you need to defeat a lot of enemies, collect chests, objects, craft items. In the end series, you have to fight level 20 Forgemaster Ezra at Amrine Expedition to forge your Azoth Staff in Shattered Oblisk.

Azoth Staff Quest Chain

The First Component

  • Location: Traitor’s Hold (Monarch’s Bluffs)
  • Mission: Go to Yonas the Hermit Fisherman Yonas will give you a mission and points to a cave in the Northwest where you can find the component for the staff. The cave is known as Traitors Cave in Monarch’s Bluff. When you enter the cave you need to fight pirates while your looking for a runed haft. A simple way to find the chest is to look up when your on the pointer marked on the map, you can see 2 cannons, climb up, there will be a chest. Open it and you will find the component your looking for.New World The First Component Chest

Adiana’s Fountain

  • Location: Canary Mine
  • Mission:  After returning to Yonas with the first component. Yonas will send you to ‘Everfall’ there you will have to find ‘Adiana Theron’ who will send you to  Canary Mine near by to Adiana Fountain. In Canary Mine, you will have to fight corruption that is blocking her Azoth fountain. You will have kill 3 Corrupted Tendrils and 2 Clotting Carapaces. There are multiple Tendrils around the area that you will have to defeat. Once you have cleared Tendrils from outside you need to go inside and remove the Clotted Carapaces.a af b d b d bf a d e e

Weakness of the Ego

Location: Adiana Fountain

Mission: After returning to Adiana Theron she will give you a new quest known as ‘Weakness of the Ego’. In this quest you to need to get

  • 3x water.
  • 3x Petal cap.
  • 3x Revercress Steam.

After getting these items to go to the nearest settlement, find the ‘Arcane Repository’ crafting station. You need to craft Corrupted Tincture 3 times. Then you take them back to Adiana.

new world petalcap locations corruption tincture camp


Plans of the Pestilent

  • Location: Adiana Fountain
  • Mission: Returning to Adiana with three common corruption tinctures will unlock the ‘Plans of the Pestilence’ task. You need to kill the corrupted at Ebonrock Cavern, get the orders from the, and return back to her. After talking to Adiana you will unlock ‘Nature’s Gift’ which is a Weapon Case Level 19. It will take you back to ‘Fisherman’s Bend’ where you need to talk to Yonas to get the case in your inventory.

Argent and Ather

  • Location: Amrine Temple (Windsward)
  • Mission: Yonas will take you to Amrine Temple where you need 5 Silver Ingots to make your Azoth staff crosspiece which is another part for your ‘Azoth Staff’. Gather 5 Silver Ingots and travel to Ancient Forge to make your crosspiece. But be aware, the Forge is guarded by the Forgemaster Ezra which we call it a mini-boss. Defeat Ezra and forge your crosspiece and return back to Yonas.


Forge Your Azoth Staff

  • Location: Shattered Obelisk (Everfall)
  • Mission: The final quest is ‘Forge your Azoth Staff’. Travel to the Shattered Obelisk east of Everfall. Craft the pieces that you have collected for Azoth Staff and the staff will be yours. After crafting return back to Yonas.




Then you can equip your Staff in the last slot where you have your skinning knife and fishing pole. And now you can complete events like Corrupted Portals, breaches, monoliths, Expeditions, etc. The first expedition which you can complete is the ‘Amrine Expedition’ which requires ‘Amrine Tuning Orbs’ from the corrupted events. Don’t worry not everyone needs to have this orb in their inventory you just need to join a group and only one guy from the needs to have Amrine Tuning Orbs.