Starlink cannot offer broadband services in India for now

Endorsed by Elon Musk Starlink has previously indicated that it will begin offering internet services in India in December 2022. However, Starlink will not be able to provide broadband services in India until it has been granted a licence to provide satellite-based internet services to subscribers in the country.

The Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications, Government of India has stated that the corporation has begun pre-selling and booking satellite-based services without first obtaining the necessary licences.

The Department of Transportation (DoT) has urged Starlink to get the appropriate approvals in order to provide satellite-based internet services in the nation. According to a news release from the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India, in order to provide satellite-based services in India, the necessary license(s) from the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India, are required.

‘The general public is now notified that the aforementioned firm has not secured any licence or authorisation to provide satellite-based internet services, which are being booked on their website.’ The corporation has been urged to comply with the Indian regulatory framework for the provision of satellite-based communication services and to desist from booking or providing satellite internet services in India, according to the telecom department’s announcement. The agency has also requested that people refrain from subscribing to any of the Starlink services that are being marketed.

Sanjay Bhargava, the country director for Starlink in India, has previously revealed the company’s ambitions to introduce satellite services in the country, according to Reuters. He had previously revealed that SpaceX now has a wholly-owned subsidiary in India and that the company may begin applying for permits and opening bank accounts in the country.

He also claimed that the firm has already received 5,000 pre-orders from customers in the country of origin. However, it has been discovered that all of this cannot be handled at this time since the firm has not applied for a licence from the Indian government to conduct activities in the country. Customers who wanted to be on a priority list had to pay a $99 or $7,350 deposit to Starlink in order to be included. As soon as the services are engaged, the money due will be deducted from the monthly price due.

Bhargava has previously said that Starlink will collaborate with rural areas that are interested in having 100 per cent internet access. The firm intends to deliver the services via terrestrial broadband, but the company will rely on satellite communications providers such as Starlink to serve the most difficult-to-reach places.