Microsoft Released Windows Subsystem for Android Documentation

Microsoft has now launched a documentation site for Android app developers that are interested in bringing their Android apps to Windows 11 and managing them there.

Microsoft will soon support the Windows Subsystem for Android, which will allow users to install and run Android apps from the Amazon Appstore and the Epic Games Store, among other places.

The Windows Subsystem for Android is being added to Windows 11 in the same way as the Windows Subsystem for Linux was added in response to community demand. Once this is implemented, we will have the long-awaited Android app compatibility on our PCs, which will make our lives significantly simpler.

The firm has said that this support will not be included in the out-of-the-box Windows 11 installation bundle, but will be accessible in the future. This has been made possible by Microsoft publishing documentation to assist developers in porting their Android applications to Windows 11.

This website provides information to interested developers on how to set up the Amazon Appstore developer environment, as well as how to deal with input compatibility issues for Windows devices, such as keyboards, mouse, and window management, among other things.

A collaboration between Microsoft and Amazon and Epic Games to bring their respective app stores to Windows 11 was announced earlier this month. This will allow consumers to run qualified Android applications on their PCs. Expect a limited number of apps when the service is formally released, as stated in the documentation: “only a small selection of apps picked by Microsoft and Amazon are now available.”

The Windows Subsystem for Android is now only accessible through preview in the Windows Insiders Program, according to Microsoft, and it has not yet been enabled in the Beta or Development channels. However, given the fact that the developer documentation for onboarding applications is now available, we anticipate seeing it shortly.

Microsoft is now enabling Windows 11 testers to use Android apps while testing the operating system. Microsoft has made a sample version of the Windows Subsystem for Android accessible to Windows 11 beta testers as of today.

This trial version will allow them to access apps from the Amazon Appstore. It will be possible to test Android applications on Windows 11 for testers using Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm CPUs.

Programs may be downloaded and installed through the Microsoft Store, which will provide a list of a range of apps that will direct the user to the Amazon Appstore for downloading and installing. It’s possible to run Android apps concurrently with other Windows applications. Android apps are also incorporated into Alt + Tab and Task view, and you can pin them to the Start menu or the taskbar.