Instagram rebrands IGTV as Instagram TV

Photograph and video-sharing app Instagram has renamed its video-streaming service IGTV and is now grouping IGTV videos and video feeds together in a single tab called Instagram TV. Instagram is expanding its video capabilities, allowing users to view and post films that are up to 60 minutes in length into the main app.

Among the benefits of the new video format, Instagram claims that it would make it simpler for users to find new video content. Viewers may access fullscreen mode by tapping anywhere on the video while it is being played on Instagram, according to the social media platform. The ability to scroll will also allow users to find fresh video material from producers that may be of interest to them.

Users will still be able to post videos from their cameras by clicking on the + symbol in the upper right corner of the Instagram home page and choosing Post from the drop-down menu that appears. They will also have the ability to edit videos, apply filters, and include the location of the video in the video.

“The new Video tab will serve as the home for this integrated video format, making it simpler for consumers to discover content from the artists they like,” says Google. For companies and artists, we’re combining feed post insights and video insights into one single measure to make it simpler to evaluate how videos are doing, according to an Instagram blog post.

Back in 2018, Instagram launched IGTV videos, which were previously an exclusive video format exclusive for the platform, with longer films being restricted for the platform alone. Instagram feed videos may now be as long as 60 minutes in length, and users can view them straight from the main Instagram app.

Meanwhile, Instagram has begun to push out the option to upload pictures and videos straight from a desktop browser, which was previously unavailable. Using the new desktop feature on Instagram, users can apply filters and edit pictures in the same way that they do on their mobile devices.

To upload a picture using a desktop browser, locate the + symbol in the upper right corner of the website and click on it to begin the process. Choose the primary picture from your macOS or Windows computer’s hard drive.

Following your selection of the photograph to upload, you may choose from four crop sizes: original, square (one-to-one), portrait (4:5), and landscape (one-to-one) (16:9). Users will also have the ability to choose a filter from the platform and to modify parameters such as brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, fade, and vignette. Users will also have the option to upload their own filters.