Garena Free Fire MAX comes with realistic maps and better gameplay

Garena Free Fire MAX has made its way to India for the first time. The new battle royale game is now available for download on both Android and iOS devices through the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, as well as via the Epic Games Store. However, after you have downloaded and played the game, you will be in for a disappointing experience.

The “server will be available soon” message on the game’s welcome screen indicates that Garena has not yet worked out how to set up servers in India, despite the fact that the game’s planned launch took place as scheduled.

This game is a more powerful version of the Garena Free Fire than the original Garena Free Fire. In addition to its unique features, it also has the option to customize maps in a manner that is customized to your preferences. Garena Free Fire MAX will enable players to log into the game using their Garena Free Fire account, which will be integrated with the Firelink technology. In the game, you will witness a 360-degree Lobby as well as a Craftland.

Garena has not released any information on Free Fire MAX, although the company’s website states that the game will include “more realistic terrain” and “more immersive gameplay.” Bermuda MAX, a new map that will be accessible to gamers, will be the first of its kind. Players should anticipate improved gameplay in the battle royale mode as a result of this change.

Aside from that, the game’s weaponry and vehicles may be improved as well. Garena Free Fire MAX is also anticipated to have superior visuals than the current Garena Free Fire edition, which is currently available on the market. Inside Free Fire MAX, there will be a 4-man team with in-game voice chat that players may join.

System requirements

Garena Free Fire MAX will be available for download on Android phones running Android 4.1 or above, as well as on iPhone 6s and higher running iOS 11.0 or later.

Download Garena Free Fire MAX

If you pre-registered for the game before Tuesday’s launch, it is highly probable that the game was downloaded to your phone if a Wi-Fi connection was available at the time of your registration. Reward items for pre-registrants include Max Raychaser (bottom), Gold Royale Voucher (two), Max Raychaser (Facepaint), Cyber Max Skyboard, and Max Raychaser (head) as well as other goodies.

In the event that you were unable to pre-register, you may still download the game from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, but you will not be eligible for the prizes. The Android version has a download size of 0.96GB, while the iOS version has a size of 1.7GB.