Best Rapier Build Guide For New World

Rapier is a weapon in New World which scales on Dexterity and Intelligence. Dexterity is the primary attribute while Intelligence is the secondary attribute. It is often used in PvP battles. Rapier does a sort of a 4 hit combo. This is an in-depth Rapier Guide that explains all the abilities.

Rapier Build Guide

Rapier has two ability trees

  • Blood
  • Grace

Rapier Guide

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Rapier Blood Tree

Let us first have a look at the abilities in the Blood tree.

Tondo: While the player uses the tondo ability it slashes the rapier so that it extends the reach of the rapier up to 5 meters. This strike deals 50% weapon damage and also applies a bleed that will deal 85% weapon damage over 12 seconds. It is a nice ability to open your combo with because it is very easy to land this ability.

Thirst for Blood: Every time you hit an opponent that doesn’t currently have a tondo bleed stack this cooldown is reduced by 10% which basically puts it on a 9-second cooldown.

And Again: If tondo only hits one target even if that target is blocking the cooldown is reduced by 25% which basically puts it on an 8-second cooldown.

Proper Spacing: The initial direct damage is increased by 100% if you are 4 meters or further from your target.

Flurry: Dash forward doing 5 quick thrusts and each hit deals more damage than the previous hit so your damage ramps up. This sits on a 15.3 cooldown. These strikes occur extremely quickly and most weapons can’t get 2 attacks off in the time it takes you to complete all 5 strikes.

Overwhelm: Each hit does 25% more block damage, this difference makes it so you can fully break a stamina bar blocking your hits which is really powerful.

Fleeting Strikes: Each hit reduces the cooldown by 7%. Seven times five equals 35% cooldown reduction putting the cooldown at 10 seconds. This cooldown begins at the onset of pressing the ability and since the ability takes 2 seconds the time between recast is only 8 seconds. Having your hardest-hitting ability on an 8-second cooldown is insane.

To the Bone: Each hit of flurry entends the rapier bleeds by 1 second. This will also apply to future stacked applications of the same bleed extending the entire stack.

Finalize: This is the final upgrade that causes the final hit of flurry to stagger. You can think of stagger as a mini interrupt

Flourish and Finish: Flourish is the sweeping attack that knocks enemies back and you can press your light attack to perform finish after flourish which is a lunge attack that consumes all rapier bleeds on targets hit dealing 110 damage per bleed immediately. This all sits on a 19.1-second cooldown. Flourish knockback ability is about 90% weapon damage and the lunge in the finishing ability is about 5 meters.

With Flair: The first upgrade of this ability is with flair. Gain grit on both flourishes and finish. Grit makes you glow white and you can’t be staggered.

Swagger: Gain 20 stamina while hitting something with the finish. According to me the stamina automatically regens so gaining 20 stamina is sort of negligible.

Fuel: Each tondo bleed tick reduces this cooldown by 3.5% meaning you reduce this cooldown by 10.5% each second when three tondo bleeds are on a target.

Bloody End: Finish now deals 150% of the Rapier’s bleed damage instead of only 110%.

Passive abilities in Blood Tree

Refreshing Strikes: Reduce your cooldown by 1% on any hit.

Engarde: Deal 10% more damage to enemies over 50% health.

Unerring: Deal 5% more damage to targets with a rapier bleed.

Light Edge: Increase damage from both middle swipe attacks in the light attack chain by 8%.

Heavy Puncture: Any heavy attack on a bleeding enemy will extend their Rapier bleeds by 2 seconds. This will also apply to future stacked applications of the same bleed extending the entire stack.

Rapier Grace Tree

Now let us have a look at the abilities which are present in the Grace tree

Evade: Perform a tiny directional dash that cancels any activity and provides brief invulnerability while sitting on a 5.7-second cooldown. Light attacks during evade occur much faster.

Breathe In: Gain 20 Stamina on use and normally I’d say 2o stamina is pretty useless but you are going to be spamming this ability so hard while also utilizing dodge rolls that for incredible invulnerability uptime that here it honestly actually feels really good.

Allegro: Gain 20% move speed for 3 seconds. Normally 3 seconds wouldn’t feel very impactful but you are going to be spamming this ability so hard that you can basically have permanent haste while fighting.

Adagio: Hold the W key while using evade and this gives you a 15% DPS increase on your next light attack within 1 second.

Crescendo: Individual successful light attacks reduce the cooldown of this ability by 30% each.

Riposte:  Enter a defensive stance for one second and if you’d be struck during that second, counter the attack with a melee ranged stun that lasts for 1.5 seconds. You’re also invulnerable for about 1.5 seconds after successfully blocking a hit and this all sits on a 19.1-second cooldown. This ability is also taunted gem compatible.

Insult to Injury: If you trigger Riposte all your attacks become uninterruptable for 3 seconds which just means that you cant be staggered.

Priority: It reduces the cooldown of all your rapier abilities by 20% when landing the stunning part of Riposte.

Lasting Consequence: Increase the stun from 1.5 seconds to 2 seconds.

Fleche: Spin around while dashing 10 meters dealing 145% weapon damage. This sits on a 16.3-second cooldown.

Quick lunge: Killing someone with Fleche reduces its cooldown by 80%.

Backside: After performing Fleche, your next critical strike attack will have its damage increased by 15%. Lasts for 5 seconds.

Interruption: Pressing ‘Light Attack’ any time during Fleche will stop and perform a static, continuation attack dealing 115% damage.

Momentum: Gain 25% increased damage on your next light or heavy attack after performing an ability. Ends on hit or after 3 seconds.

Passive abilities in Grace Tree

Desperation: Deal 10% more damage when your stamina is below 40%.

Controlled Breathing: Gain 3 stamina on any hit.

Perfectionist: Deal 10% more damage when full health.

Red Curtains: Crits reduce all cooldown by 5%.

Swiftness: Gain 3% haste for 4 seconds on any hit which can stack up to 5 times.