How to Level Up Trade Skills in New World

New World is one of the most popular MMORPG games of this year. Ever since its launch on September 28, 2021, the game is topping the steam charts. It is very important to level up your trade skills to enjoy New World to the fullest. So in this article, we’re going to tell you how to level up your trade skills.

There are a lot of trade skills in New World. If you press ‘K’ ( default keybind ) you can see all your trade skills. You should also check my previous article on how to gain XP in New world.

How to level up trade skills in New World

Trade Skills

Broadly trade skills are divided into 3 categories:

  1. Crafting
  2. Refining
  3. Gathering

Crafting Trade Skills

Crafting trade skills are those trade skills that give us the finished products. The items which we acquire from crafting can either be consumed or can be equipped if it’s gear.

1. Weaponsmithing

It lets us create new weapons at the forge. The items which are required are ingots, timber, and leather. As our weaponsmithing level increases, we can create more advanced swords, rapiers, spears, etc.


2. Armoring

This trade skill helps us in crafting armors at the forge. The materials which are required to craft armors are ingots, coarse leather and linen. As we increase our level in armoring we can craft more advanced armors.

3. Engineering

This trade skill is increased when we make iron arrows, iron cartridges, etc at the workshop. It helps us in creating gathering tools and ammunition. It also helps in the creation of hatchets, spears, bows, and muskets.

4. Jewelcrafting

It turns metals and cut jewels into amulets or trinkets at the outfitting station.

5. Arcana

It helps in crafting magical weapons like the life staff, fire staff, and ice gauntlets. In the Arcane repository, we can craft potions that help us in regaining HP.

6. Cooking

Cooking is performed in the Kitchen. It lets us create rations for healing and regaining HP.

7. Furnishing

At the workshop, we can create furniture. This trade skill comes in handy after you have purchased your house in New World.

Refining Trade Skills

It is the process of turning raw materials into goods that can be used for crafting recipes and blueprints. In the settlements, you will find several stations that will allow you to turn the resources that you gather into more useful items.

1. Smelting

At the smelter, you can turn ores that you have mined into ingots. You can also turn wood into charcoal.

2. Woodworking

You can turn wood that you get from logging into Timber at the woodshop.

3. Leatherworking

You can convert hides that you get from skinning into Leather at the Tannery.

4. Weaving

At the loom, you can turn fibers that you get from harvesting into linen which can be turned into sateen or silk.


5. Stonecutting

At the stonecutting table, you can convert stone that you get from mining into stone blocks.

Gathering Trade Skills

The most basic actions in the game help us in obtaining raw materials in the whole New World Map.

1. Logging

A logging axe is required to cut trees by pressing ‘E’ ( default keybind). You can only chop mature trees after you reach level 50 in logging.


2. Mining

A mining pick is required to mine boulders and iron. You can only mine gold ores when you reach level 45 in mining.

3. Fishing

Go near a water body and press ‘F3’ ( default keybind) to start the fishing minigame. Make sure you have a fishing pole and Woodlouse Bait or Firefly Bait which will improve your success rate.

4. Harvesting

A sickle is required for this one. You can level up your harvesting by gathering hemp. When you reach level 25 in harvesting you can track hemp on your compass.

5. Tracking and Skinning

When you hunt a wild animal like boar, wolves you can skin them by pressing ‘E’ (default keybind). Make sure you have a skinning knife with you though.