Zoom: Expanding automated transcription feature to 30 languages

Zoomtopia conference held by the popular video conferencing platform Zoom revealed a slew of new features and updates. It was recently announced that Zoom would be expanding its automatic transcribing function to 30 languages, as well as offering live translation services to twelve more languages.

Multi-lingual users would benefit from this since it would make it easier for them to communicate more effectively utilizing the features. It is anticipated that customers will be able to use the live transcription function by the end of next year. Aside from the live transcribing function, Zoom is also preparing to add features such as access at a look, whiteboarding, and other tools.

With the introduction of the transcription feature, Zoom stated, “We’re passionate about eliminating the obstacles that stand in the way of effective and dynamic communication. As part of that commitment, we intend to broaden Zoom’s automated transcription capabilities to 30 languages and add live translation capabilities to 12 languages within the next year. Because Zoom links people from all over the world, we believe that the development of our transcription and translation capabilities will assist in overcoming the language barrier that can hinder dynamic communication and cooperation.”

In addition to this, Zoom has stated that it intends to release the Zoom Widget in the near future. The platform will soon provide an overview of the meeting calendar, the ability to see who is currently in a meeting, the ability to send a brief message, and other features.

The company also announced that it will be launching Zoom Whiteboard in the near future. Users will be able to engage with a virtual whiteboard in the same way they would interact with one in person thanks to this feature and compatibility.

“The improved Zoom Whiteboard, which is expected to be released later this year, will enable seamless, asynchronous collaboration across a wide range of devices while also offering a more engaging and simplified meeting experience,” says Zoom CEO Mark Hurd. “You will be able to engage with a virtual whiteboard in the same way that you would interact with one in person. According to Zoom’s blog, the company is also collaborating with Facebook’s Oculus to develop a Zoom Whiteboard integration for Oculus Horizons Workrooms. “This connection will allow users to access and annotate a whiteboard while in a virtual reality environment,” the company stated.

The organization is also focusing on the creation of conference rooms of various sizes. Zoom will also put up the Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery, which is now in public beta and can be accessed by anybody. The firm claims that it is developing Smart Gallery to enable remote employees to be represented on the screen on an equal footing with other participants, resulting in a more inclusive meeting experience for everyone participating.