Windows 11 release date is set for October 5, its a free upgrade

For both old and new hardware, the Windows 11 release date is set for October 5. It is expected to be available for all eligible devices by the middle of 2022. It is believed that Windows 11 version 21H2 will be released on the Release Preview Channel in the coming days, having already passed the last level of testing. Windows 11 version 21H2 has already passed the final stage of testing.

Microsoft will soon begin delivering Windows 11 to the Release Preview channel of its beta testing program, which is now in the process of being implemented. After that, it would be the final phase in the testing process before the scheduled release on October 5. In the future preview versions, you can expect to see quality improvements as well as problem fixes.

There will be no new features in Windows 11, but the operating system will be polished to a high sheen (hopefully). As was predicted, Microsoft has also postponed the release of Android app compatibility for its operating system, which is now slated to appear in 2022 instead of 2019. When Microsoft releases Windows 11 22H2 “Nickel,” which is slated for release in October 2022, it is conceivable that Android app compatibility may be included.

Microsoft expects Windows 11 to arrive with all of the features that are presently available in the Insider program’s Beta channel. This includes the following:

  • A new Microsoft Store: Windows 11 has a new app store, which will eventually be made available on Windows 10 PCs as well.
  • The Start Menu, the notification center, the taskbar, the search bar, and other features have been updated in Windows 11. The new design language aims to increase accessibility while also improving efficiency.
  • The Microsoft Store has opened up new possibilities for developers.
  • With Windows 11, you’ll have improved control over touch, digital pen, and voice input.

Windows 11 Release Date

Windows 11 is a free update, and a gradual deployment will begin on October 5, according to Microsoft.

As you’re undoubtedly aware, the earlier versions of Windows 10 have been plagued by a large number of issues.

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft is thoroughly testing the new operating system on all of the hardware that it supports, and it intends to deliver the update in phases in order to avoid anything akin to the Windows 10 problematic update experience.

Windows 11 will not be deployed to devices that are not supported. For the time being, only qualified devices, that is, those that satisfy all of the requirements will be eligible for the upgrade.

It will then gradually roll out to in-market devices based on intelligence models that take into account hardware eligibility, reliability metrics, device age, and other characteristics that have an influence on the upgrade experience,” Microsoft explained.

The company also states that all eligible devices will have access to Windows 11 by the middle of the year 2022.