WhatsApp is now planning to get rid of the Messenger Rooms shortcut

The Messenger Rooms shortcut was added to the WhatsApp conversation share sheet about a year ago, and the company now plans to remove the shortcut altogether. Create a group for video calls on Messenger with the Messenger Rooms shortcut, which is accessible from the Messenger menu. There was no connection between the function and WhatsApp. When you click on the shortcut, you will be sent to the Messenger application immediately.

Because of the limits of the feature, it did not garner as much attention as it should have. It is only beneficial for those who are already members of Facebook. Another point to mention is that there was definitely no need for a separate video calling function when WhatsApp already had one.

WhatsApp has not made any public announcements on its plans to discontinue the Messenger shortcut. The information was provided by Wabetainfo, a tracker of WhatsApp features and functionality. According to the source, WhatsApp is finally eliminating the Messenger Rooms option from its conversation sharing sheet as well as the area of the call on WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS devices. It has been more than a year since Facebook launched this function. Up to 50 people might participate in a group call on Facebook using this feature.

According to the report, WhatsApp often eliminates features that do not get enough interest from users. WhatsApp checks to see which features are being utilized by its consumers. If the feature was not a success, it implies that it is time to make changes to it. In this particular situation, they have confirmed that the option is not being utilized, therefore they may have decided that it would be best to remove it altogether, maybe adding a suitable alternative in the next round of updates.

Even though WhatsApp has begun deleting the Rooms feature, if you still have it installed on your device, you may need to update your program to the WhatsApp beta for iOS or WhatsApp beta for Android if you are a beta user. It is likely that the modifications will be seen initially in beta versions of the messaging app, after which WhatsApp may decide to remove the symbol from the app for non-beta users.

Another feature that WhatsApp is presently developing has a lot to do with how your group icon looks on the app’s home screen. According to Wabetainfo, the messaging app is working on a Group icon editor that will allow users to customize the background color of the symbol. Once the feature is completed, users will be able to add emojis and stickers to the group icon. In its early phases of development, the functionality is still in the works. However, the messaging app has not yet provided official confirmation of the same.