WhatsApp is planning to give out cashback to WhatsApp Payments users

If a recent rumor is to be believed, WhatsApp is working on a number of new features for its mobile application. The features, which include WhatsApp Payments, groups, and more, are present in the development stage, according to the company. The first appearance of some of these features was seen during a test deployment, while others are scheduled to make their debut on the beta platform once they have been fully completed.

Perhaps the most crucial of these features, WhatsApp is now working on a way to provide cashback to customers who make payments using the app. According to a report from WABetaInfo, a screenshot of the functionality in operation is included. The picture depicts a push notice informing customers that they would be able to get a cashback on their next payment made using WhatsApp Payments, according to the message.

A future version will provide cash back on WhatsApp Payments, according to WABetaInfo’s information. As soon as it becomes available, it is expected to provide users with a payback of up to Rs 10 for their usage of WhatsApp Payments, however, the source notes that this limit may alter as the launch date approaches.

Also clarified is the fact that the cashback would only be valid for UPI payments in India, and that it will be credited to the user’s account within 48 hours of the payment being made. Although not much is known about the function at this time, we can anticipate that WhatsApp would operate a rebate scheme similar to Paytm in order to boost the use of its Payments feature in the nation.

WhatsApp Groups now have new features.

In earlier beta releases, it was seen that WhatsApp was implementing a handful of new capabilities for users of WhatsApp Groups. WhatsApp beta for Android has a new group icon editing tool that was previously unavailable. Users will be able to easily design icons for groups that may be used in place of a picture as the group display photo by just clicking on the icon. Users will also be able to choose the backdrop color that will be used in conjunction with the icon.

In addition, WhatsApp is working on a new look for the group information page on the WhatsApp for iOS platform. The new design has larger chat and phone buttons than the previous version, which are now located at the top and center of the screen for easy access. This fresh makeover was discovered in the WhatsApp for iOS beta version and is likely to be made available to the general public in the near future.