WhatsApp is reportedly testing Payments feature for users in India

WhatsApp will begin paying customers with rebates in the near future for utilizing the Payments feature. Users in India and Brazil were among the first to benefit from the Payments feature, and the messaging app is currently experimenting with the feature to reward users in the country. WhatsApp has previously included payment conversation shortcuts to allow users to transmit money more rapidly through the app.

Wabetainfo was the first to notice the new cashback service that WhatsApp is presently testing, and they were the first to report it. The features tracker shared a snapshot showing a new cashback banner at the top of the chat window, which was visible in the screenshot. It stated on the banner, “Get cashback on your next payment.” “Click here to get started.” It was not disclosed if customers will receive cashback after making their first payment using the messaging app or before making their first payment through the messaging app.

According to the Wabetainfo, “it is not yet clear if all WhatsApp users will be eligible for the payback or only those who have never made a purchase using the app. WhatsApp will explain this when the functionality becomes accessible. Please keep in mind that this is only applicable to UPI payments in India, that you can only receive one cashback, and that you may receive up to Rs 10 cashback for your payment (although the amount may change before the official release of the feature).”

Because the feature is still in the early stages of development, beta members may not be able to try it out immediately after joining. In India, however, after WhatsApp has planned a robust rollout, users will be able to receive cashback on their payments. WhatsApp has not yet made an official declaration regarding the matter, so stay tuned. As a result, the material should be used with caution until further notice.

As a side note, WhatsApp will be removing the Messenger Rooms shortcut from the Chat share sheet in the near future. The Messenger Rooms on Facebook allowed up to 50 people to participate in a group call at the same time. The feature, on the other hand, was not well received by the crowd. Because it did not receive the type of response WhatsApp had hoped for, the function has been removed from the app.

Despite the fact that WhatsApp has begun deleting the Rooms feature if you still see it in your app, you may need to upgrade to WhatsApp beta for iOS or WhatsApp beta for Android, depending on whether you are a beta user. It is likely that the modifications will be seen initially in beta versions of the messaging app, after which WhatsApp may decide to remove the symbol from the app for non-beta users.