Twitter rolled out an important feature called Safety Mode

Twitter launched a new feature on Thursday called Safety Mode, which is a critical security measure.

Its function, as its name implies, has been introduced to provide consumers with a secure browsing experience. Users of Twitter are frequently exposed to mindless trolling, harsh language, and other forms of harassment.

Most of the time, this pertains to the accounts held by prominent personalities, although it can also apply to other types of accounts. The usage of Safety Mode, on the other hand, allows a user to have an abusive account disabled for at least seven days.

“Unwelcome Tweets and noise sometimes get in the way of discussions on Twitter, so we’re introducing Safety Mode, a new feature that seeks to limit disruptive interactions,” said Jarrod Doherty, Senior Product Manager at Twitter, in a blog post announcing the feature.

To test this safety feature, we’re deploying it gradually across several platforms, beginning with accounts that have English-language options enabled on iOS and Android devices, and later on

Twitter Update Safety mode
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Twitter Update Safety mode
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To determine if you have engaged with a bad tweet, you must enable the Safety Mode option in the Twitter app. Both tweets will be checked for content, as well as the relationship between the person who posted the tweet and the person who replied to the tweet, by the algorithm.

Twitter considers existing connections, which means that accounts that you follow or engage with regularly will not be automatically blocked, even if the substance of the message is deemed offensive.

Users’ tweets will be evaluated by Twitter, and if the company’s technology detects any bad language, the account will be automatically banned. An account that has been auto blocked will prevent users from following your account, seeing your Tweets, or sending you Direct Messages.

The accounts will be restricted for a period of seven days. You will receive a notification before the Safety Mode time expires, which will include a summary of the information you have just read.

Because Twitter is technology-driven, Doherty writes on his blog that the social media platform may not always get it right and that your accounts may be mistakenly blocked. His assurance was that Safety Mode autoblocks may be viewed and undone at any moment by visiting your Settings menu.

“We’ll monitor how Safety Mode is doing and make any necessary changes and modifications before releasing it to the general public on Twitter. We encourage you to stay tuned for further changes as we continue to expand on our efforts to provide individuals with the tools they need to feel more comfortable engaging in the public conversation,” Twitter stated in a statement.