OnePlus budget phone might be in the making

OnePlus may be aiming for further lower prices for its devices in order to make them even more affordable. According to the business, a modification in its approach for the Indian market would result in the introduction of gadgets in the country that cost less than Rs 20,000.

According to a recent tweet by tipster Yogesh Brar, the rumor is true, OnePlus is now undergoing a “shift” in its launch strategy as a result of its total affiliation with Oppo and its recent launch. With the OnePlus brand, the new strategy is to concentrate on the sub-Rs 20,000 price range in the Indian market. As a result, the business plans to introduce a few phones in India that would cost less than Rs 20,000.

Brar states that there is no specific timeframe for the establishment of such a service at this moment. Nonetheless, he predicts that the gadgets will be available somewhere between the next quarter and the second quarter of 2022. As of now, there is no sign that such a gadget is in the works, thus it is more likely to show up around the latter estimate.

OnePlus has previously attempted to make a cheap smartphone with the OnePlus X, which was released in 2015. Priced at Rs 16,999 in India, the gadget was released in the country last month. It promised good specs at a reasonable price, but it failed to build a name for itself in the segment as a whole. In the end, OnePlus decided to discontinue the series and has since concentrated on high-end devices.

If the firm decides to go after the market once more, it might do so using its Nord series of smartphones, which are currently under development. At the moment, the OnePlus Nord smartphones are the most affordable options available on the market from OnePlus. In addition, the firm appears to be attempting to increase sales by launching new products in the same category one after another. A total of three OnePlus Nord smartphones have been released at pricing that are less than Rs 30,000, including the OnePlus Nord, Nord 2, and Nord CE 5G.

As a result, it may not be difficult for the company to reduce the specifications of such models and present them as a more inexpensive alternative to the competition. Another factor that suggests a Nord phone will be able to breach the $1,000 barrier is the fact that OnePlus already provides the Nord N200 5G for a low price, but that device is not currently accessible in India. Following the success of the handset in the United States, OnePlus may decide to replicate the concept in India with a comparable smartphone in the near future.

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