iOS 15 will feature enhanced security as well as theft or lost protection

In a statement, Apple said the company’s most recent version of its operating system, iOS 15, will be available for download starting on September 20. iPhone owners have been urged to upgrade to iOS 14.8, which was just published to correct a flaw that may allow spyware to infiltrate your device. iOS 14.8 is available for download here.

iPadOS 15, which will be released simultaneously with iOS 15, will be the company’s next software upgrade for its flagship tablets. The iPad’s home screen will be completely redesigned, and multitasking will be made smoother and more user-friendly.
Time of release in India, as well as compatible iPhones

iOS 15 will be launched on September 20th, as previously stated. After 10:30 p.m. Indian Standard Time (IST), it will be ready for download in India. Apple has provided a list of devices that will receive the update once it is made available. It will be possible to install and operate iOS 15 on the following iPhone models:

iOS 15 Features

A variety of new features for iPhones are included in the latest software upgrades. For the first time, Apple has included new FaceTime capabilities that will allow Android and PC users to join. Apple has also made enhancements to iMessages that will make it simpler to monitor links and images that your friends have shared, similar to what WhatsApp does.

With the iOS 15 upgrade, you will be able to add tags to your notes, which will make it easier to categorize and organize your information. The tags browser will allow you to view all of the tags in one convenient location, which will increase your convenience. The Smart Folders function will automatically organize your notes into folders depending on your tags, which is a really convenient tool.

When you press the mute button on your iPhone or iPad, a warning will sound. Users will be able to disable tracking pixels as a result of this. If you are not familiar with these pixels, they are little images that are concealed within emails that allow marketers to determine when an email has been viewed and for how long it has been open.

Another new iOS 15 feature is called Focus, and it is a tool that allows users to customize their notification settings based on what they are doing at the time of the notice. You have the option of choosing whether the phone vibrates, emits a sound, or does nothing depending on your present situation. The focus will alert your iMessage contacts about your current location, informing them of the reason why they have not responded to your texts.

iOS 15 will have more than 100 new emoji combinations. Using the new Apple Maps, users will be able to obtain directions that include exact arrival and departure times, which were previously unavailable.

Additionally, upon updating to iOS 15, users will have access to limitless iCloud storage. When you purchase a new device and want to move all of your data to it, you can make use of unlimited iCloud storage to make the transfer as seamless as possible.

With Live Text in iOS 15, users may copy and paste text that has been captured immediately from photographs. OCR capability is incorporated into iOS 15 as a standard feature. Additionally, iOS 15 will provide enhanced theft protection features. It will allow consumers to track down a lost or stolen iPhone, even if the device has been wiped.

To further prevent someone from purchasing a stolen iPhone by mistake, Apple says that the “Hello screen will clearly highlight that [your] device is secured, lockable, and still yours.”