Instagram Update: Its Mandatory for users to provide birthday

Instagram Update: Instagram users will now be prompted to submit their birthdate information in the future. It is possible to have an Instagram account but not have submitted your birth data with the app. In this case, you will be presented prompts by the app to enter your birthdate.

Every time you start the app, you will be presented with the prompts again. They may be disregarded for the time being, but Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, will eventually make it obligatory for users to submit their birthday in order to use the program. This would assist Instagram in detecting the age of its users and displaying material that is appropriate for their age.

According to a blog post by Pavni Diwanji, Vice President of Youth Products at Instagram, “We’ve been clear that we want to do more to offer safer, more private experiences for young people,” she added. As a result, we’ve begun inviting individuals to share their birthdays with us if they haven’t already done so. We began asking individuals for their birthdays a few years ago, and the effort has continued since then. While we already know birthdays for the majority of individuals on Instagram, we’re making two additional improvements to help us obtain a more comprehensive picture. These modifications are only applicable to individuals who have not previously revealed their birthday.”

Instagram Update
Image Credits: Instagram
Instagram Update
Image Credits: Instagram

Dhananjay Diwanji writes on his blog that the information supplied by users would assist the app in developing additional safety measures for children and teenagers. This would also assist Instagram in offering the most appropriate experiences to the most appropriate age group.

The social media platform Instagram will now begin asking users for their birthdate when they first log into the platform. They will be sent a message a couple of times more till they submit their information to the site. To continue using Instagram, users will be required to give their birth date at some point in the near future. Prompts will only be displayed to those who have chosen to hide their birthdays from Instagram.

Additionally, if you share a warning post on your feed, Instagram will first ask you to share your birthdate before allowing you to see the post in question.

“These screens are not new, and we already display them on postings that may be sensitive or graphic; however, we do not presently ask for your birthdate when you see these posts,” says the company. “We will now begin asking for your birthdate on some of these displays if you have not already provided it to us,” the company further added.

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