Google Search: About this Result feature gives users extra information

In February of this year, Google launched a new tool that would provide consumers with more information about websites that appeared in their search results. The feature, which is sometimes referred to as About This Result.

About This Result, the feature provides users with more information or further context about the websites or the source of the material that appears when they search for a particular subject on the internet. During the debut, Google said that “if it’s a site you’ve never heard of before, that extra information may offer you context or peace of mind, particularly if you’re searching for anything essential, such as health or financial information.”

Early this year, the Google App for Android was made accessible in the United States for desktop computers, mobile web browsers, and the Google App. It is now being sent out to people in India as well. Only Tech was the first to report on the development. It may be independently verified by India Today Tech. When the three dots are clicked, the On This Result box appears, providing users with more information about the websites.

More often than not, the box will display a description taken directly from Wikipedia’s database. Especially useful when the result does not come from Wikipedia or a well-known website, the About This Result feature may provide users with extra information or context about the website, which is particularly useful for people who are learning about it for the first time.

When you search for anything on Google, you will be presented with a number of links that are relevant to the subject that you are searching for. The three dots on the side of the link to the website will be shown in addition to the link to the website. Simply tap the dots on your phone or mobile app and you will be sent to a page that has more information about the websites that have shown in the search results.

In a statement, Google said that “the extra information will help consumers make a more educated choice about the sites you may want to visit and what results would be most helpful to you.”

Search engine giant Google says the About this Result panel will “provide searchers with information on some of these most significant criteria that are utilized by Google Search in order for the results to be connected to their searches.”

Google takes into account variables such as keyword matching, related phrases, looking at links, and local relevance when determining rankings. When a site has the same keywords as your search, it is deemed relevant and will appear at the top of your search results. Google’s search terms also seek phrases that, in Google’s opinion, are connected to the question. When other sites link to a page that contains terms that are similar to the query, Google recognizes that the page may be relevant.