Google Meet : Automatic Brightness Feature Rolled out

When it comes to video chats, Google Meet is introducing a new function that will compensate for bad lighting. A new feature from Google, which follows the introduction of a low-light mode on mobile devices earlier this year, automatically identifies when a Web user seems underexposed during a video conversation and increases the brightness of their device to improve visibility. There is no administrative control over the new function, and users will be able to turn it off themselves. According to Google, the user’s device may be slowed down as a result of the light adjustment being enabled.

An announcement on Google’s site revealed the addition of the new functionality. When utilizing Google Meet for Web, this option is only available on desktop computers and iOS mobile devices.

By going to More > Settings > Video > Adjust video lighting from your computer, users may determine whether or not the automated video lighting adjustment update has been installed. While using Google Meet, the app may detect if the user is underexposed during a video chat and will automatically increase the brightness of their smartphone to improve visibility for others if video lighting adjustment is enabled. Whenever a user is underexposed and the computer is capable of making automated recommendations, Meet will ask the user to use the automatic video lighting correction option.

Users can also disable video lighting adjustment because leaving it enabled may harm the computer’s performance.

According to Google, users may choose to disable this function to allow other programs to run more quickly. G Suite Basic and Business users, as well as all Google Workspace subscribers, may take advantage of the automated video illumination adjustment function, according to the company’s support documentation.

The new function began rolling out to users on Monday, September 20 and will be available to all users in the following weeks, according to the company. The automated video illumination adjustment functionality, on the other hand, requires a 64-bit operating system to function properly. It requires Chrome version M90 or higher on Windows, Mac, or Linux; Chrome version M90 or higher on Chrome OS; and Edge (Chromium) 90 or higher on Windows or Mac with hardware acceleration enabled and WebGL. It also requires Chrome version M90 or higher on Chrome OS.

Google Meet’s iOS and Android mobile applications now include a low-light option, thanks to the company’s artificial intelligence technology, which was introduced last year. If the lighting conditions are less than optimum, the AI will automatically modify the video to make users more visible to other participants. Similarly, to reduce interruptions during a video meeting, Meet has included a function that filters out background distractions through the use of artificial intelligence noise cancellation.