Apple iOS 15 is not receiving a good response from iPhone users

Apple released iOS 15 earlier this week to a broad range of iPhone models, but it appears that the public is not too enthusiastic about the latest software update. As reported by a recent study, Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 15, is breaking away from previous trends, when the company experienced record installation numbers for its new iOS releases. Since the introduction of iOS 14 on Wednesday, the install base has grown by only 8.5 percent, compared to 14.5 percent on the second day of the previous year’s release.

Mixpanel, an analytics firm, has been providing data about iOS 15 adoptions for the past two days, after the launch of the new operating system. However, because this data is based on visits to websites and information from applications that utilize the company’s mobile analytics SDKs, it is not the same as the official statistics.

However, given the comparative figures are based on Mixpanel’s data from the previous year, it does provide a rough indication of how Apple’s current iOS 15 is performing among iPhone users in general. The two-day adoption rates reveal a significant difference, indicating that consumers are not as enthusiastic about the new iOS version this year as they were last year, according to the data.

Apple has not released any information about the adoption rate of iOS 15. In any case, there is still time for Apple to release official figures, and if iOS 15 lags much behind last year’s iOS 14 in terms of adoption, it is quite doubtful that we will ever see such figures. Apple announced in June that iOS 14 has been downloaded by 85 percent of users.

One of the reasons why some users are not feeling sufficiently compelled to switch to iOS 14 is a new function introduced in the latest version of the operating system. Apple stated earlier this year that iPhone customers who are running iOS 14 would be able to get security upgrades without needing to switch to iOS 15 following the release of the operating system. This, as well as some other difficulties that some believe they may encounter with the new iOS version, might be the source of some iPhone owners’ reluctance to become excited about the all-new iOS 15.

iOS 15 is not a significant update over last year’s iOS 14 because the majority of the features and functionality have remained the same. However, this does not rule out the possibility of anything new in the upcoming iOS version. There is a new Focus Mode that allows users to choose which applications should notify them when they get alerts at any given moment.

Furthermore, a Notification Summary function summarises alerts from favorite apps and shows them at predetermined intervals.

In addition, there is a Live Translate function that can translate between supported languages and the language you select. In addition, there are several privacy and security upgrades in the latest iOS release.