Apple App Store users can avail 20% bonus on the funds they add to their Apple IDs

Apple customers in India can take advantage of a monetary incentive available on the Apple App Store. Customers who finance their Apple IDs through the App Store will receive a 20 percent bonus from the business, according to the company. This implies that consumers who spend Rs 1,000 on the App Store will receive an additional Rs 200 as a bonus as a result of the promotion.

The new Apple promotion will be available through September 30 and may be used on cash transfers ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 15,000. The offer is valid on transfers of monies between Apple accounts. This implies that people who add cash to their Apple IDs through the App Store might receive a reward ranging from Rs 20 to Rs 3,000, depending on the amount of money they deposit.

Users that deposit funds to their Apple ID will be able to access the bonus amount immediately. It may also be used to make purchases on the App Store, such as applications and games. In addition, customers may use the bonus amount to pay for subscriptions on the App Store, such as Apple Music, Apple TV+, and iCloud storage, among other things. These protections apply to third-party services such as Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar as well.

Get Apple Rewards and Bonus

Apple consumers may take advantage of the new incentive by depositing cash to their Apple IDs using any way that they want. This mostly consists of two methods: through the settings of your device and through your Apple ID account.

Users may add funds to their Apple ID account by going to Settings > Name > Payment & Shipping > Apple ID > Add Funds in the Apple ID menu. The procedure is compatible with both iPhone and iPad devices.

Users may also add monies to their Apple IDs through the App Store by going to App Store > Account > Add Funds to Apple ID (or vice versa). Users may add cash to their accounts on Mac devices by visiting the Account Information section of the App Store.

Users can add funds to their Apple IDs by utilizing a legitimate payment method, such as debit and credit cards, as well as net banking, using any of these ways. Apple has just introduced UPI alternatives such as RuPay to this list, which was previously unavailable.

Please keep in mind that the bonus cash offered by Apple will only be available once for all customers combined. The offer has no monetary value and cannot be transferred to another Apple ID, such as one belonging to a friend or family member, according to the terms and restrictions set forth by the organization.