Reddit adds new feed feature which is quite similar to TikTok

A new video feed for Reddit’s mobile app (Reddit is an online discussion forum just like Quora) will make it easier for users to see all of the social network’s content in one spot, the company announced on Tuesday. This feature broadens the scope of Reddit’s platform from merely conversations to include the creation of short-form videos that are quite similar to the TikTok video format.

In addition to the fact that TikTok is expanding gradually, many other social media platforms are being inspired by the notions of short-form video, not to mention the fact that they are attempting to replicate such trends. For example, Instagram added Reels in response to the popularity of TikTok 15-second videos, while Snapchat launched the spotlight in response to the popularity of Vine.

If you have opened the Reddit app recently, you may have noticed a new button on the right side of the search option. This button has been unveiled to iOS users this Friday and will be available to all users in the future. The experience is inevitably similar to that of TikTok. On Reddit, you may browse through a vertical, never-ending list of movies that feature content from the site’s vast repository.

When a video is played, the name of the poster as well as the subreddit where the video originated will appear. Upvoting and downvoting, as well as commenting, rewarding, and sharing, are all available as ways to connect with others.

The program will also display videos from those individuals to whom you have subscribed as well as other sorts of videos that are relevant to your interests if any. TikTok’s competitor, Dubsmash, was bought by Reddit in December, and the company has stated that it wants to incorporate the company’s technology into additional services in the future. This particular feature does not include Reddit’s creative video app, but the social media network still wants to integrate its existing video tools and new ones when they become available in the future.

The company has declined to discuss if its video player would show material and make suggestions based on an algorithm or whether it will utilize a human to do so.

According to a Reddit spokesman, the company aims to bring individuals and communities together. As a result, Reddit’s video team aims to bring the community together through video. We set out to create a unified video player and redesign the player interface to match what users (new and old) expect from an in-app video player, particularly when it comes to commenting, viewing, engaging, and discovering new content and communities through video. We achieved this goal over the course of a year.

Currently, the feature is being rolled out to iOS users; however, it is unclear when the feature will be made available to users of other platforms.