Heard about Android apps support on Mac? Everything you need to know

Android apps and games are now supported by Windows 11, which was released earlier this year and became the first Windows operating system to do so.

Android Apps support on Mac

Android apps, on the other hand, may only be downloaded through the Amazon app store, and not through the Google Play Store, on Windows 11. But have you heard of the possibility of integrating Android apps into Mac OS? It would be useful to the large number of people who use Android applications regularly.

Google, on the other hand, appears to have a broader strategy, one that includes bringing not only Android apps and games to Windows but also to Mac. As a consequence of Apple v. Epic Games case, an internal Google Confidential presentation titled “Games Future” was made public as a result of the lawsuit. It was discovered by The Verge and has an October 2020 release date. It was created by the Google Play division.

According to the presentation, the company’s goals in the gaming industry by 2025 are laid out in a road map. The company also aims to “prevent erosion on mobile” in addition to collecting a redacted/unspecified share of the lucrative $35-50 billion sector. The concept is to bring the finest of Android mobile games to the desktop computer. Not only that, but it is also necessary to demand developers to support controllers and a variety of platforms.

Google aspires to be the platform via which creators distribute their games. The company will make those games available across all of its platforms and devices as a result of this.

As part of its game-making services, Google would provide “full-spectrum developer services.” In this category are cloud-based technologies that make it simpler to organize huge tournaments, and payments options like online fundraising campaigns.

At the moment, a legal battle is raging between Apple and Epic Games, the company that created Fortnite. It was recently filed to the court that the document that exposes Google’s ambitions is a part of the lawsuit. As a starting point, Google intends to deliver emulated, native-based, and streaming games to Windows initially, before expanding to Mac as well to reach a broader audience.

A significant portion of this presentation has been censored, including a section on “Current multiplatform initiatives.” One slide, on the other hand, appears to indicate that the “V1” of this initiative would entail bringing the “best of Android mobile games to PC.”

Google has not yet made an official announcement about this initiative, but the paper makes mention to the Android 12 Game dashboard as well as other developer improvements that are currently in development.