New Apple Devices based on M2 chip is expected next year

Apple M2 Chip: Apparently, Apple is getting ready to release its next generation of ARM processors. In accordance with rumors, the M2 processor might be used to power the MacBook Air in 2022. Furthermore, Apple is working on a more powerful version of its M1 CPU, the M1X, which will be used in the company’s forthcoming 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models.

The TSMC 5nm manufacturing node was used in the production of the Apple M1 chip. As reported by the Associated Press, the purported M2 chip is likely to be manufactured utilizing TSMC’s 4nm processing technology. Since the 4 nm manufacturing node is smaller than its predecessor, the next CPU will be even more power-efficient and powerful.

The M2 chip is projected to include a total of eight cores, with four high-performance cores and four energy-efficient cores distributed around the device. Additionally, enhanced graphics cores are expected to be included in the CPU.

The Apple M2 and M1X will have the same amount of cores in their CPU component, regardless of the size of their nodes, which is 10. According to certain speculations, the Apple M1X will have 32 cores, while the Apple M2 will have a lesser number of cores. On the graphics side, the Apple M1X will have 32 cores, while the Apple M2 will have a lower number.

Apple is likely to introduce the M1X CPU with its MacBook Pro series in 2021, which will include the MacBook Air.

A new MacBook Air is anticipated to be released next year after Apple releases its iPhone 13 models this autumn, according to industry analysts. According to a rumor published this week, the 2022 MacBook Pro 14 and 16-inch models have officially reached mass production and will be available for purchase later this year as part of Apple’s hectic autumn sales season.

The epidemic forced Apple to postpone the release of the iPhone 12 until October, but it is believed that the company will revert to its regular September release schedule for the iPhone 13. As reported by several sources, the iPhone 13 Pro is expected to be available in four distinct color variants. These are black; silver; rose gold; and sunset gold, among others.

Along with the new iPhone 13, we’re expected to see the Apple Watch Series 7 and maybe an upgraded version of the AirPods 3 during the company’s autumn presentation. We’re expected to see at least one more event before the end of the year to officially announce the new MacBook Pro models, as well as a few other goods, from Apple.

A significant upgrade has also been made to Apple’s camera in the iPhone 13, which will have a bigger cut-out and overall size in order to accommodate sensor-shift stabilizing technology. The iPhone 13 will also be 0.2 mm thicker than the iPhone 12. Although there is only a slight difference, experts believe it will enable a bigger battery to be used.