Airtel clarifies that deactivation message sent to users was a glitch

On Friday, Airtel sent out SMS messages to some of its customers, alerting them that their outgoing calls were being discontinued, which was incorrect and a glitch.

It was suggested in the notifications that customers replenish their Airtel accounts to keep the outbound services running.

After receiving complaints, the agency released a clarification, stating that the messages were sent as a result of a technical fault and that consumers should ignore them.

Airtel also expressed regret for any difficulty caused as a result of the outage.

The technological problem seems to have happened exclusively in some regions of the nation. According to an Airtel statement, the glitch was detected as a result of a system fault.

It only sent out messages to a small number of Airtel users in the Delhi circle.

After the first message was sent, the business claimed it followed up with an explanation to the people that was different from that which was provided by the operator via its social media platforms.

The first notice that the consumers got stated: “Your outgoing services have been discontinued.” Please visit airtel. in/prepaid-recharge or call *121*51# to proceed.

Of course, the message was sufficient to confound anyone who had a legitimate long-term strategy in place.

Some of the users turned to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with the situation. It is commendable that the company discovered the error within hours and communicated this to the affected customers promptly.

Airtel has been putting a strong emphasis on its prepaid products in recent months.

The company recently stated that it would be discontinuing its Rs 49 entry-level prepaid recharge plan effective immediately.

Customers can benefit from up to four times more outgoing minutes of usage and double data with the company’s new prepaid packs, which will begin with the Rs 79 Smart Recharge and go up from there.

Airtel claims that the adjustment is in keeping with the company’s commitment to providing improved connectivity options to customers.

The new Airtel plan provides 200MB of data along with Rs 64 in talk time, and it is good for a period of 28 days from the time of purchase.

Airtel provides low-cost entry-level plans beginning at Rs 10 that are priced under Rs 100. These plans provide solely Talktime advantages and are available at three different pricing points: Rs 10, Rs 20, and Rs 100.

Airtel also provides Talktime plans at three different pricing points: Rs 45, Rs 49, and Rs 79 per month.

The Rs 49 and Rs 79 plans provide 100 and 200 MB of data, respectively, while the Rs 45 plan has a duration of 28 days and is excellent for maintaining a plan’s functionality between recharges.