Teens getting Apple AirPods for getting vaccinated as a Reward in DC

Mayor Muriel Bowser announced a new COVID-19 vaccination incentive for the youth in Washington DC. The reward scheme begins on August 7.

The rewards are only for kids who get the COVID-19 vaccination, which is recommended but not mandatory. Currently, about 25% of eligible DC children (approximately 8,100) have received complete COVID-19 vaccination.

The District is also helping families obtain their kids with their necessary pediatric vaccinations before school starts. Parents may now book appointments for their children’s vaccinations at 37 locations throughout DC via vaccinate.dc.gov starting August 2.

If you are a student, the incentives are only valid for your first Covid-19 vaccination dosage. You must bring a parent or legal guardian to the immunization center. And you need your school ID, DC one card, kids ride free, report card, or enrollment evidence to win the reward. Notably, only one gift card per kid will be given.

The only way to stop the coronavirus from spreading is to be vaccinated. The vaccination lowers disease severity. No vaccine manufacturer has promised that a vaccinated person won’t become sick. People can still become sick, but it won’t be as bad, and they won’t need to be hospitalized.

Families are reminded that District law and regulations require all schools, public and private, to verify student vaccination compliance as part of registration and attendance. Families should contact their kid’s doctor immediately to arrange yearly physicals and well-child checkups.

Youth COVID-19 Vaccine Rewards

Beginning Saturday, August 7, rewards will be available on-site at three DC Public Schools: Brookland, Sousa, and Johnson Middle Schools*. No of where they go to school, DC students may get their free COVID-19 vaccination. Those who get their first dosage at these three institutions get a $51 VISA gift card. The first 400 kids to be immunized at each location will also get a pair of AirPods instead of a gift card. The AirPods will be accessible to District children aged 12 to 17 and 18 to 21 enrolled in a DC high school pursuing a diploma.

Each kid vaccinated at one of these three locations is eligible for a $51 VISA gift card. From August 7 to 30, these locations will be open four days a week.

Anyone over 12 who gets immunized at Anacostia High School or the Dorothy Height/Benning Library will continue to get the $51 VISA gift cards.

*Families may walk up to these three locations to get their child’s free COVID-19 vaccination. A family may schedule an appointment for their child’s necessary pediatric vaccinations at these locations by visiting vaccinate.dc.gov. Required vaccinations need appointments so doctors may access a child’s immunization history.

DC has devised a novel method to encourage young people to take their pills. Maryland, Michigan, and Ohio are among the states that compensate individuals for taking the first dosage of Covid-19.