TikTok will remove videos showing nudity, violence, know more

TikTok will now remove vulgar and offensive content from the platform on its own initiative. The short-video platform will now be implementing a new system that will reject videos that violate the company’s standards and guidelines, according to a press release.

TikTok will also notify its users of the change. Violence, graphic content, nudity, sex, and unlawful behavior will be deleted from the app as soon as it is published, and the app will be updated to reflect the removal.

According to the new standards, if TikTok systems identify a violation, they will instantly delete the video from the platform’s servers. The user will be notified of this and will have the opportunity to ask the firm to reconsider its decision if he or she so desires.

The business claims that doing so, will not only improve the user experience but will also clear the entertainment platform of films that are inappropriate or unpleasant to the viewer. If the videos include anything harmful to minors, such as nudity, sexual activity, criminal activities, or regulated items, they will be removed from the site immediately.

TikTok claims that their automated system is quite accurate, claiming that just one in every twenty videos was mistakenly deleted by the business. These modifications will be implemented first in the United States and Canada, with the possibility of expansion to additional countries, including India. According to the firm, automating the content filtering process would increase the efficiency of the procedure.

TikTok has previously disclosed that it had deleted the accounts of over 7 million users who were determined to be under the age of thirteen.

Approximately one-third of TikTok’s active users were under the age of fourteen, according to some reports. According to the TikTok standards, individuals under the age of 13 are not permitted to submit videos on their site. This is a blatant violation of their restrictions. User accounts will be terminated if they have lied about being over the age of thirteen (13 years old).

In June of last year, the Indian government banned the use of TikTok. Even a year after the ban, the future of TikTok remains as uncertain as it was at the time of the suspension.

Recent sources state that a few TikTok representatives have addressed the Ministry of Information Technology to guarantee that the Bytedance-owned firm will comply with the new intermediary regulations. However, we will have to wait and watch how this plays out for an app that gained widespread attention in a short period of time but has since faded into obscurity.

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