Nintendo Switch OLED model Launched, Know Features, Price and more

In a press conference on Tuesday, Nintendo revealed a new OLED model for its famous portable Switch series of game consoles, which will be available on October 8.

A 7-inch OLED display replaces the previous 6.2-inch LCD on the basic Nintendo Switch, making it more spacious for multi-touch operation. In addition, the console features a larger, wider kickstand, improved audio quality thanks to its new in-built speakers, a wired LAN connector in the docking station, and 64 GB of internal storage, which is double the amount of storage available on the basic version. Users may simply increase their storage capacity by utilizing microSDHC or microSD cards with capacities of up to 2TB.

The new Switch is powered by an NVIDIA Custom Tegra CPU, which is a first for the company. It’s also available in an eye-catching new color scheme. The device also has a tabletop stand with a broad range of adjustments. The console is equipped with a 4310mAh battery that delivers between 4 and 9 hours of game time on a single charge.

Three other modes of play will be available on the Nintendo Switch OLED model console, including TV mode, in which the system will be docked and connected to your television. Secondly, there is a Tabletop mode, which allows you to flip over a stand on the back of the console for a strong and stable base while still being able to flexibly tilt the console for a greater variety of viewing angles. Lastly, there is the Handheld mode, which allows players to carry their smartphone wherever they want and play local or online multiplayer with their pals.

When connected to your television, the portable gaming console’s screen has a 720p resolution and when not docked, it has a 1080p resolution. Users will be able to play the OLED model on their TV with detachable Joy-Con controllers, just like they could with the original switch.

However, many Nintendo fans were underwhelmed with the new Nintendo Switch, despite the addition of a bigger OLED screen and other features. They felt that the new Nintendo Switch provided only modest improvements over the previous model. While there were rumors that Nintendo will release a Switch Pro with 4K resolution, this has turned out to be a false alarm.

The Kyoto-based video game firm has revealed that the new Nintendo Switch will be released on October 8 and will cost $350 when it is first made available. In India, it is likely to be priced at around Rs 26,000 per unit. In two-color scheme versions, a red neon/blue scheme with a black dock will be offered as an option, as well as a white neon/black scheme with a white dock.

Nintendo has announced that both of the OLED Switch docks will be available for purchase separately from the console soon. No additional equipment, such as an HDMI cable or an AC converter, will be included with the OLED dock. New docks will be available for purchase on October 8, with the Nintendo Switch OLED, which will be released the same day.