Netflix “My List” feature lets users save their favorite shows

When it comes to on-demand television series and movies, there are always too many recommendations and not enough time to watch them all. Netflix, the streaming giant, allows users to add shows to a feature called My List, which allows them to create a list of their favorite shows. Users will be able to keep track of all the shows they wish to watch without having to annoy their friends for the show’s name. My List is automatically sorted such that the title that was most recently added is at the top of the list. Netflix also knows about a user’s tastes based on the shows that they add to their My List.

Users may access the ‘My List’ feature by clicking on the ‘My List’ link at the top left of their homepage, or by scrolling down to the ‘My List’ row. It is also accessible through the ‘Profiles & More’ option and the navigation bar on the mobile app, as well as through the ‘menu’ option on the left-hand side of your home page on the TV platform.

Users may add their favorite television series to My List by following the procedures outlined below:

Netflix for Browser

Place the cursor over the title that you wish to include and click on the ‘+’ button to expand it.

Netflix on Mobile

Choose the title you want to add, then select ‘Details & More’, and then touch on the ‘plus’ icon; when using an iOS device, select the title you want to add, and then press on the ‘plus’ symbol.

Netflix on TV

Choose the title you wish to add and then click on the ‘Add to My List’ button.

When customers choose the ‘remind me’ option for a future film or television series, the title is instantly added to their “My List” when the item becomes available for viewing.

Following completion of their watching of the shows on My List, individuals can remove them from their checklist by following the steps outlined below:

Netflix for Browser

Place the mouse over the title you wish to remove and click on the ‘checkmark’ button to confirm your selection.

Netflix on Mobile

Go to ‘My List,’ choose the title you want to add, select ‘Episodes & Info,’ and then touch on the checkbox; on an iOS device, go to ‘My List,’ select the title you want to add, select ‘Episodes & Info,’ and then tap on the checkmark.

Netflix on TV

Pick the title you wish to delete from your list and then click the ‘Remove from My List’ option.

Meanwhile, Netflix has unveiled a new feature for Android users that will allow them to view shows that have only been partially downloaded. Until recently, Netflix enabled viewers to see anything only once it had been entirely downloaded onto their device. Although the content is still downloading, the streaming behemoth will now allow viewers to see it as it is being streamed. When you regain internet connectivity, the download will begin again, but this will not prevent viewers from seeing the content.

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