Major Internet Outage caused PayTM, Zomato services go down

The recent Internet outage has been seen by popular online businesses such as Zomato, Paytm, Disney+ Hotstar, and Sony LIV as a result of problems with internet infrastructure provider Akamai Technologies.

There have also been reports of service interruptions on other prominent websites, such as Olx, and gaming services, such as the PlayStation Network (PSN) and Steam.

This was mentioned in a recent post from the official Twitter account of Paytm: “A worldwide outage at Akamai has caused certain Paytm services to be unavailable. Efforts are now being made to reach a resolution.”

On the website DownDetector, a number of users reported service disruptions. There were problems with Akamai Technologies’ infrastructure, which is responsible for providing services to large internet businesses, which contributed to the situation.

The outage occurred just a few weeks after Akamai reported a significant interruption in service that affected banks, insurance firms, and airline websites on both sides of the Pacific Ocean.

At the time, Akamai said that about 500 of its clients had been temporarily taken down as a result of an issue with one of its online security products.

Zomato also issued a statement in which they said, “Because of a broad Akamai internet outage, our app is now offline. Our staff are working hard to guarantee that all orders are fulfilled as soon as possible.”

According to a report by Reuters, the outage seems to have impacted the websites of a number of airlines, banks, and technology firms, including Delta Air Lines, Costco Wholesale Corporation, and American Express.

This is the third similar event to occur in as many months, after a slew of outages that affected social networking, government, and news websites across the world in June of this year.

The problem has been resolved by Akamai, which has issued a patch.


It said in its most recent tweet, “We have identified and deployed a solution to the problem, and based on current observations, the service is back up and running normally. We will continue to monitor the situation to guarantee that the negative effect has been completely minimized if necessary.”

Paytm has stated that its services have been restored to normal operation and are again functioning as expected. As stated in a recent business update, “all of our services are fully operational and operating as smoothly as they were before.”

Zomato, a food-delivery service provider, has verified that their website got again up and operational.

After a lengthy outage that lasted more than an hour, the websites have begun to return to service. Users on the Downdetector website are also reporting that the services have been restored to normal operation.

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