Rockstar Games is Co-Founding a Music Record Label

Rockstar Games has been linked to music for long periods, mainly due to the fine curated range of radio stations that perform true songs during the entire Grand Theft Auto games. Rockstar Games is also formally joining the record label business in collaboration with CircoLoco with the co-founding of CircoLoco Records.

With its popular DC10 venue and weekly display of dance music worldwide, CircoLoco is located in Ibiza, Spain, and has become a corollary of underground dance culture. Since the late 1990s, they have played for their weekly Monday evening radio program, which features performers not well known in dance. Although CircoLoco has not been involved with Rockstar Games previously, several artists who have played in the Heist of Cayo Perico and clubs have been performing at CircoLoco’s After Hours Show at DC10 or have been featured.

A collection of EPs to build up a buzz for a range of new artists to be released on the label on 9 July 2021 will be published by the brand new CircoLoco Records. On June 4th, Monday Dreamin’s first EP will feature the talents of Sama’ Abdulhadi, Kerri Chandler, Rampa, and Seth Troxler in just a few weeks. The first one will be held in the EP. Due to RockStar and CircoLoco’s names in every EP and the expected compilation, the company has not yet disclosed the exact specifics of further EP releases in the coming weeks.

CircoLoco and Rockstar Games each have several kind words in their respective updates – CircoLoco commends the determination of Rockstar to curate house and dance music appropriately for their games. At the same time, Rockstar praises the “engagement” of the club to music-focused, non-frills. This is a match made in the heavens for lovers of underground dance and Grand Theft Auto. There have been few such couples in the past, and every half has a good record of uplifting underground house music, whether in games or clubs.

RockStar and CircoLoco are dedicated to “champion future-oriented music musicians” in environmental protection, in addition to the selection of qualitative artists for the label’s future efforts. The broad electronic genre is not defined for its terrible environmental influence. Still, Rockstar Games and CircoLoco seem to want to create a brand that goes beyond simply releasing albums to “break a new ground.” CircoLoco Records’ first EP, Monday Dreamin’, will release June 4th, 2021, on most major music streaming platforms.

Rockstar Games, Inc. is a New York City-based American video game publisher. The enterprise was established as a Take-Two Interactive subsidiary in December 1998 with the properties previously purchased by Take-Two of BMG Interactive. Sam and Dan Houser, Terry Donovan, and Jamie King, who were at the time Take-Two and formerly the brothers from Houser were BMG Interactive managers, were the founding members. As President, Sam Houser runs the studio.

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