Opera Released World’s First Gaming Browser for Mobile Platform

Opera has added popular Opera Web browser GX Mobile to its mobile navigation gaming-focused arm. The gaming browser is an extension of the desktop edition gaming browser. Opera has introduced a mobile web browser designed especially for gamers, claiming to be a world-first gaming Browser.

It’s called Opera GX Mobile, and it is because it’s a gaming-oriented browser for the internet that the name of Opera GX sound familiar back in 2019. Now the same experience is available for Android and iOS devices, but the only beta for the time being.

“Our customers have constantly been demanding us a smartphone version of the browser since we released Opera GX for Desktop. We are pleased to share the latest browser’s first beta update, “said Opera GX Product Manager Maciej Kocemba.

The Quick Action Button of Opera GX Mobile users offers customized, one-hand navigational experiences and vibration and haptic feedback. The Opera GX desktop edition is also integrated closely so that both browsers can sync through the Opera Flow functionality (and a QR code). A variety of themes are available from the GX Classic, Ultra Violet, Purple Haze, and White Wolf browsers.

The browsing component provides the GXCorner, where gaming news and updates for enthusiastic gamers will be compiled. This enables them to access details about their favorite games easily. There is also an alternative to use the deal aggregator links to provide offers for paid games.

A flow function enables users to synchronize the browser with a simple QR code scanning to their web counterpart. The functionality is cryptographed and space similar to chat, allowing users to upload files, links, videos, photographs, personal notes, etc. Users may also use game manuals and walkthroughs to learn a certain game better.

As the gaming emphasis is, Opera made “sharing innovations and tutorials, and building character between devices” straightforward for gamers. The GX Corner function is provided for gaming news, offers, and release dates as a “unique space.” A built-in ad blocker, a cookie dialogue blocker to avoid irritating pop-ups automatically, and security against anyone trying to use your smartphone browser for cryptocurrency mining are also accessible. Opera GX Mobile is scheduled to start about a few weeks now, but for anybody who wants to test this new browser on their phones, the beta on iOS and Android is available for now.