OnePlus Gaming Triggers for Mobile finally Available in India

OnePlus Gaming Trigger, which was revealed with last month’s OnePlus 9 smartphone series, is available in India now for purchase.  OnePlus states that “the triggers can be used with “a wide range of Android and iOS mobile phones.” The company CEO Pete Lau revealed the progress on Twitter. He says that the team developed the OnePlus gaming triggers that is powerful, responsive, “clicky” and beautiful. Each trigger can be used on both the left- and right-hand sides of a handheld device.

OnePlus Gaming Triggers Specification:

OnePlus gaming triggers have a tactile feel which connects with the display of a device through a capacitive drive for instant response. According to OnePlus, Omron switches are used to provide touch-sensitive input on what happens in the game. The company states that it is aimed especially at players of battle royal games like PUBG, Duty Call, Free Fire, etc. as the triggers are designed.

Even though Smartphones have screen guards and protections, the OnePlus game triggers function (maximum device thickness is 11.5 mm). The size of each trigger is 37.6×28.8×25.2mm and weighs around 22 grams.

According to the product page, these triggers are interchangeable and can be fastened to your phone in whatever way is most comfortable to you. To use them, though, your game of choice needs to allow for deep customization of its touch controls, to the level of allowing you to move touch-activated zones to where these triggers’ conductive silicon pads clip onto your phone.

OnePlus Gaming Triggers Pricing:

OnePlus Gaming Triggers are listed at Rs. 1,099 and can now be bought in accordance with the listing on the OnePlus online store. Pete Lau tweeted some OnePlus Gaming Triggers photos as well. At the OnePlus 9 launch ceremony, they mentioned OnePlus Gaming Triggers, Ryan Fenwick, head of corporate communication, said that a capacitive sensing system is used in the game trigger. In addition, OnePlus tweeted a shadow screenshot of the OnePlus 9R to tease triggers.

What are Triggers?

Triggers are external instruments specially designed for mobile gamers. These special gadgets have buttons that show a human finger touch to help players monitor their games. They are unique. Allows helping replace the popular four-fingered grip, making players easier to play.

This physical triggers, unlike touch buttons, would cause your fingers to rest on and to light them in the least time while avoiding sweat and fingerprint marks on your screen. Scratch/mark proof design – with foam finishing, the design of the coveted touchscreen is designed to avoid some kind of marking. Instead of using thumbs only, play mobile games with 4 fingers. This mobile controller will bring your play skills to the next level, simulating an environment with a game controller. You can now move, turn, aim and shoot – all at the same time.