CS:GO Prime Status Explained

The prime status in CS:GO is mostly about the competitive aspect of the game. The status is given to those at level 21 or higher or who have bought CS. The status allows players to match only with other Prime players. Exclusive item drops are also a bonus for the winners. This paywall was designed to stop the influx of cheaters and bills which can easily be used to kill the matchmaking experience of a player.

Many were against this change because it could affect the free play of the cheaters. This change would increase the number of fraudsters in the competitive premium and non-premium games. In contrast, the free play model benefits CSGO as a whole. other people argued Because of the freedom to play, more players will continue building fanbase Counter-Strike.

For those who purchased CSGO before December 6, 2019, the change has already included the prime status. Those who already have played would already have their telephone numbers included and linked. If your number is deleted, you can easily re-link the telephone number to the account. But nowadays you no longer need a linked telephone number to get it.

Benefits of Prime Status?

Online Counter-Strike and Danger Zone games have coincided with Prime players. Prime users can use Prime-exclusive souvenir items, item drops, and weapons cases, as well as all servers running on their communities. The first Prime Exclusive item in the game was an MP5-SD Lab Rats skin, but there have been several more added since and all of them are available for CS:GO trading.

The real advantage of Prime is that you can deter cheaters. Wallhacking and targeting in Counter-Strike are unfortunately common practices, particularly in the lower ranks. Cheaters who do not want to spend $14.99 on a potentially banished account will suffer from the primary status as a disruption. They live on non-prime accounts and destroy non-prime users’ matchmaking experience.

You won’t prevent cheaters entirely as the prime status, but this should contribute to improving your match standards. Prime is not an anti-cheat and it will never be, so it’s definitely much better than nothing.

Is the CS:GO Prime Worth it?

As previously mentioned, the prime status was established to limit the number of toxic persons and cheaters who ruin the gambling experience of a player. The aim of Prime was to increase the experience of match-making by making it a safe competition area for even playing.

Theory suggests that because of the primary status wall, fewer cheaters appear in games as they have to buy back the status, which could buy a heavy quota of their funds, any time a cheat is permanently prohibited. Some advantages of CS play are: GO primary status.

  • It allows the player to play with other players having Prime
  • The trend of primary players to cheat, smurf, and play wrongly is lower.
  • Prime people are more serious and are more committed to the game
  • Teammates would want to chat more
  • Players will win drops

Thousands of matches are held on Counter-Strike every day, and the competitive element determines the vitality and the soul of CS:GO. By achieving top status, your matchmaking experience can be improved and you really experience a more competitive, serious gaming style. Those who want to limit the numbers of cheaters can buy premium also in their matchmaking games.