What is SANDES? Indian Instant Messaging App

SANDES is a Desi (Indian) alternative to WhatsApp, and we spotted some government officials using this app. In this article, we’ll provide some information about SANDES, which every individual must know.

For the last many days, WhatsApp is in the eye of many government and security agencies. Because they brought their Privacy Update, which is on Hold right now but will definitely get a release later on, and you have to accept its policy. Later, many people got shifted to Signal Messaging App and Telegram Messaging App.

India is transforming into a self-sufficient nation (also known as Atmanirbhar), and developing its own messaging application will definitely benefit the nation.

The application is named SANDES (which means Message in English). Developers were working on this application since August 2020, almost six months, and many Tech Reviewers have rated it very good in terms of their First Impression. But friends, as FAU-G (a so-called alternative game to PUBG), cannot be compared with PUBG; similarly, SANDES cannot be compared with WhatsApp, as WhatsApp is for years. Let the time go, and users spent time on this new application, then it could be compared with other messaging applications like WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram.

The SANDES messaging application has got a good start; some interesting facts and features about the SANDES messaging application are given below:

  • When Earlier it launched, it was used by only government officials, and now it is available for iOS users too. It is available in iOS Store, so do check it out now.
  • Only APK is available for now for Android users, do click on download to redirect you to the download page.
  • Phone Number was the base to get a login to WhatsApp, but in SANDES, you can easily login with an email ID and even with a Phone Number.
  • The application’s interface or design is so simplest and feels a bit outdated, but for now, it’s okay as it is a new messaging application. In short, people who are unaware of technology can also use it easily.
  • You can chat one-to-one with another person or even create a group chat with your friends, families, and colleagues very easily, just like other messaging applications. And it does have end-to-end encryption for private chats.
  • You can upload and download audio, Video Clips, and Images. Also, you can Share Contacts in SANDES.
  • It doesn’t have emojis, but it does have Gimojis (basically Government based emoji stickers useful for government employees).
  • You even get options of Tags like Confidential and Confidential also an Auto-Delete Message Compatibility. So here, you can easily be comfortable with Privacy.
  • It does have Voice and Video Calling features, both with 1080p at 30FPS. The Video Calling Interface is also a bit user-friendly.
  • SANDES has a web platform for messaging, just like WhatsApp, but it is just for Governmental Agencies.
  • SANDES looks like a serious work-related messaging app and not for Jokes or memes (for now).

Feel free to share your Views and Opinions about this new Messenging application through the comment section.