New Glitchpop 2.0 Skin Collection in Valorant Episode 2 Act 1

Valorant Weapon Skins are popular for their designs and animation. People do say that the skins are ‘Pay to Win.’ Some great skins like Prime Collection, Reaver Collection, Oni Collection, Elderflame Collection, Singularity Collection, and many more we’re major hits in Episode 1.

As Episode 2 began with the new year, yet there were not new premium skins were introduced. But here’s a piece of good news for the community. Remember the Glitchpop collection? The collection contains skins for the Frenzy, Judge, Bulldog, Knife, and Odin, wherein the Knife was a major popular design.

Glitchpop Frenzy

Frenzy Glitchpop

Glitchpop Judge

Judge glitchpop

Glitchpop Bulldog

Bulldog glitchpop

Glitchpop Odin


Glitch pop Knife

Glitchpop Knife
All images courtesy of Riot Games.

The upcoming Episode 2 ACT 1 weapon skins are totally based on the Glitchpop collection. Ultimately it’ll be called “Glitchpop Collection 2.0.”

On Instagram, @yamivalorant leaked some images of the upcoming valorant skin collection “Glitchpop Collection 2.0.”

The upcoming Glitchpop skin mainly consists of some premium guns and is listed below:
Glitchpop Classic – 2,175 VP
Glitchpop Phantom – 2,175 VP
Glitchpop Vandal – 2,175 VP
Glitchpop Operator – 2,175 VP
Glitchpop Knife – 4,350 VP

The whole bundle costs 8700 VP (vagrant points) in-game. To purchase VP, one can visit the In-game content store and check prices according to your region.

As talking about the old collections’ pricing, Prime Collection was for 7100VP, which costs around. Elderflame collection came in at 9990 VP, which is roughly £90. The Glitchpop collection is expected to come in at a slightly reduced price of 8,700 VP (roughly £80). Individual weapon skins like Phantom, Operator, and Vandal will cost 2,175 VP (£20), with the melee weapon costing 4,350 VP (£40).

The new Glitchpop Collection features custom muzzle flashes, firing audio, reload animations and gfx, some playing cards, skin variants, and finisher animation. Also, players purchasing the bundle will get a player card, a spray, and a weapon buddy as well.

You can level up each skin to upgrade to different color variants, sound effects also known as VFX, Weapon reloading animation, and at last, a Finisher.

Level 1 – Base Model
Level 2 – VFX sound effects and firing bullets audio
Level 3 – Weapon reloading animation
Level 4 – Kill banner and finisher
Level 5 – Blue Skin with VFX
Level 6 – Red Skin with VFX
Level 7 – Gold Skin with VFX

About Upcoming Valorant Patch 2.02:
Valorant is looking to nerf the ‘run and gun’ scheme in the game and probably get implemented in the upcoming Valorant Patch 2.02. Accuracy will be the main concern for the Riot Games to fix some rising issues day by day in the community. Major updates for Agent Viper can also be added in the upcoming patch as the agent is not so picked among others.

More about Valorant:
Riot Games’ Valorant has been a classy FPS Game after CSGO. With that being said, Developers of Valorant are so actively performing on future projects of the sport. Valorant may be a tactical shooting game involving two teams with five players in each team. Every player can check-in and play remotely from anywhere within the world. Every game has 25 rounds, and therefore the team that wins 13 of the first wins the sport. Players can choose their in-game characters called agents at the beginning of the sport.