This New Fan-made Valorant Agent will blow your mind

Remember, the concept of the new Valorant agent Quantum? Proposed by u/DewyOtter four months ago or Valorant Agent Phase proposed by Leadre? a month ago. A same-like concept is going viral this month and is posted by dexerto in his latest blog.

In a Reddit post, r/BulgarianBL00D went into detail describing how their Initiator character “Bandit” would perform in Valorant. The agent seems like a Female Character, her class belongs to Initiator just like Skye and Breach and her native place is Bulgaria. Her main abilities are based on creating chaos among the enemies.

Here are BANDIT’s abilities:

  • Ability 1 which is known as “Sneaky”: The Sneaky ability reduces the range of which your steps can be heard. It can be for seconds (by half maybe) includes two charges. For example, if you equip the ability, your enemies won’t hear any of your footsteps for a while depends upon seconds or even a half minute.
  • Ability 2 is known as “Camouflage”: The Camouflage ability turns you invisible to Cypher’s camera (Exception: Cypher’s ULT)/KillJoy’s turret/Sova’s drone for few seconds.
  • Signature Ability is known as “Steal”:You can steal some skills from the enemies, making them disappear and turning them into your own(exception: Ultimate Ability). For example, if a Raze throws a bomb (grenade) you’ll be able to use your ability and steal it, her bomb instantly gets disappears and you’ll be able to use it, additionally, if you kill a pair of enemies you’ll be able to use another bomb, rather like Raze. Another example, if you steal Reyna’s Leer, she’ll get disappear and you’ve got a pair of Leer to use. In short, behaving like an opponent agent and using the same abilities as they use. Same-like, if you steal Omen’s smoke you’ve got a pair of smokes to use and that they Recharge as they are doing on Omen after a couple of seconds, meantime the smoke you scarf disappears. Also, this ability could be used with Sage’s Barrier Orb and Slow Orbs, Brimestone’s Smoke and Incendiary, Jett’s Smoke (known as Cloudburst), all of phoenix’s, Sova’s and Viper’s abilities, KillJoy’s Turret, Omen’s Smokes, and Paranoia, Raze’s Bot and Grenade, Cypher’s all abilities, etc.
  • Ultimate Ability is known as “Distract”: Place a medium-sized invisibility totem on the floor that emits sound within 15 meters and allows Kitsune and the closest ally to be invisible in 7 seconds. However, while running or shooting they are visible again and if the totem is broken the effect is immediately canceled.

About Upcoming Valorant Patch 2.02:
Valorant is looking to nerf the ‘run and gun’ scheme in the game and probably get implemented in the upcoming Valorant Patch 2.02. Accuracy will be the main concern for the Riot Games to fix some rising issues day by day in the community. Major updates for Agent Viper can also be added in the upcoming patch as the agent is not so picked among others.

More about Valorant:
Riot Games’ Valorant has been a classy FPS Game after CSGO. With that being said, Developers of Valorant are so actively performing on future projects of the sport. Valorant may be a tactical shooting game involving two teams with five players in each team. Every player can check-in and play remotely from anywhere within the world. Every game has 25 rounds, and therefore the team that wins 13 of the first wins the sport. Players can choose their in-game characters called agents at the beginning of the sport.