Tremendous Technological Advances in Our Time

Unprecedented technological advancements are taking place as we speak. Foremost among the innovations are significant advances in AI technology. The wild developments in video conferencing tech couldn’t have come at a better time, what with the world relegated to remote work to keep the proverbial ship afloat.

Tech companies like Zoom are dominating the scene, with multi-person video conferencing capabilities. This particular program has taken the world by storm, but it’s not the only video messaging platform available to users.

The world’s premier tech company, Google has been behind the 8-ball in this arena, and it’s desperately trying to play catch up with the industry leaders. One way Google is succeeding is ‘noise cancellation’ for video conferencing.

Although this technological innovation was introduced in April, it’s only starting to make waves in Q2 2020. Zoom enjoyed 30-fold growth in utilization in just over four months between December 2019 – April 2020. Microsoft Groups comes in second, and Google is third on the totem pole.

Pay to Play Made Much Easier with Advanced Tech  

In the gaming arena, dramatic advancements have taken place in recent years. AI is once again dominating the scene by generating what gamers deem intelligent behavior and incredibly lifelike characters. By making the games more realistic, companies like Electronic Arts and their signature rollouts Madden and FIFA are blowing the top off the convention with groovy concepts like reinforcement learning to generate realistic humanoid characters that are fully animated automatically.

It’s not only AI technology that is advancing at breakneck speed; it’s payments processing too. Gone are the days of writing checks and waiting an inordinate amount of time for bank wires to clear.

Various gaming companies are now offering iDebit options for payouts in Canada, and it’s winning over players by the truckload. These advancements provide rapid transfers, secure payments, and ease of use without players breaking a sweat.

The astounding pace of change brings with it myriad challenges, notably the integrity of safety and security between users and business servers. This is especially challenging when financial information is changing hands. To this end, the online gaming industry is benefiting from iDebit games which allow for secure ways to transfer funds, 24/7.

Gen and Julia 1.0+ Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes in many forms, including a novel approach generated by MIT researchers, known as GEN. This was done in 2019, but it is equally relevant now as the world begins to open up after a prolonged period of economic depression.

Gen is expressly designed for AI applications, utilizing statistics, computer vision, and robotics technology. It is ideally suited to things like 3D body poses, which are widely used with concepts like autonomous systems, augmented reality (AR), and human/machine activity.

There is explicit factoring of two key concepts known as inference and modeling – both vital to the success of artificial intelligence software. To get started with this system, users are required to download Julia 1.0+.

Toyota and Guardian AI Technology

Many folks are familiar with car manufacturer Toyota, but not many people know about a pet project being performed by the Toyota Research Institute, known as Guardian. Guardian is all about intelligence and safety.

The purpose of Toyota’s Guardian project is to make vehicles smarter to protect the occupants from lethal driving errors. Guardian goes hand-in-hand with Chauffeur, another project which is designed to allow the vehicle to override a human action if the vehicle anticipates an accident is likely to occur.

In other words, a car with this technology built into it has the ability to veto human actions. We already know what autonomous vehicles are capable of, and Tesla is one of many companies leading the way in this regard!

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