How AI is Improving the Healthcare Industry

There are many industries that have benefited from technological advances in recent times but none more so than healthcare. Technology can be used in many ways in the medical profession and can improve the work of doctors, nurses and hospital administrators, as well as even, save lives.

AI in Healthcare

One of the most notable ways that tech is being used in the healthcare industry in today’s day and age is the use of artificial intelligence (AI). AI technology has taken big strides within the last few years and is now starting to play a key role in many different industries with healthcare being one of the more notable places that it is being used.

Diagnostic Medicine

Diagnosticians often have a huge workload but this is being made lighter with the use of AI. AI can be used to predict and diagnose illness at a much faster rate than medical professionals while reducing the rate of misdiagnosis. Not only this, but AI-based symptom checkers can be used to listen to a patient’s symptoms and health issues and use advanced data to reach likely illnesses and guide the patient to the right care.

Robotics & Patient Monitoring

In surgery, AI, robotics and augmented reality will be a powerful combination that could improve the outcome of surgeries, reduce variations across surgeries and eliminate inefficiencies. Surgery is, of course, all about pinpoint accuracy and stability which is why the use of mica capacitors are so important. Robot-assisted surgery remains some time away but it is easy to see this becoming the norm in the near future. Patient monitoring is another area where AI can come in handy because it can reduce the need for patients to come to a clinic as their vitals can be monitored and transmitted wirelessly to their care team.

Other Uses

AI can and is being used in many other ways in the healthcare industry too. This includes virtual assistants for nurses, for administrative workflow assistance, fraud detection, and dosage error reduction. The technology is impressive but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done so it will be interesting to see how it will be implemented in the coming years in such a key industry.

The healthcare industry is one that has been aided massively by technological advances, particularly the development of AI. It can make work much easier for hospital staff while also improving patient outcomes and it will only become more prominent in the coming years.

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