How to Make Your Invitation Videos Look Awesome?

Want to create a stunning invitation video for your wedding or any other special occasion? Well, you may have arrived late to the invitation video scene, but you can still jazz up your videos and make them look fresh. There are plenty of tech wizardry tips and tricks that you can play with to make an outstanding video.

No, you need not be a professional videographer or an editor to polish your video. A good video editor can do the job for you but which one to go for? Well, there are plenty of video editors out there. Choose a simple yet powerful video editor like InVideo to do the job for you.

3D Text

Heard about 3D text? It’s an old feature, but it looks beautiful in a video. It is present in the simplest of software and is also available on MS Word. You will find the option of inserting 3D text even in the simplest of video editing tools. Use it to beautify your text like the introduction of the bride and groom (in the case of a wedding invitation video), the wedding venue address, your story, punchlines, etc.

Slow Motion

Slow-motion is another tech setting that can give a magical effect to your video. Introduce yourself in slow motion or add a segment that plays in slow motion with beautiful music in the background. Slow motion tends to enhance the dramatic and emotional parts of the video. There are millions of things you can do with this simple and not-so-new setting. It works for invitation videos, wedding videos, and birthday videos, and works best with flashback scenes.

Natural Elements

Natural elements like water and the sky can beautify a video. If you already have them in your video or photos, you can enhance them using various settings and filters. There are many options for the sky you can enhance its color, brighten it, change its color, or use it to add drama to your invitation video.

Similarly, you can use water droplets to beautify your slow motion, use a water splash in the background, or you can also add rain effects using some free invitation makers. The same can be done with fire, earth, and wind.

Special Effects

Special effects like fading, blurring, popping, etc. are some more special effects that can be added to a video invitation. You can use effects like highlighting the main person and blurring everyone around him/her in a frame. Similarly, you can make a person, or multiple people pop out in a crowd. Then there is the fading effect that can be used to move from one frame to another.

You can also change the color of the background and even hide it completely using the green screen editor. Again, there are hundreds of special effects that you can choose to make polished invitation videos.

Making a personal video is not a tedious task anymore, all thanks to easy-to-use software and invitation makers. There are plenty of free options that will provide you with some basic settings. You can also unlock a huge number of editing options by paying a minimal fee.

In the next section, let’s discuss some delightful wedding invitation video ideas. You can execute each of the ideas on your own, or you can also hire an animator or a videographer to enjoy a polished look. Read on.

Wedding Invitation Video Ideas That are Making a Buzz Right Now

1. Caricature Video

A caricature video is an unconventional and unique wedding invitation idea. This video consists of an animated bride and groom, who can be sketched to resemble the bride and groom or can look completely different from them. The bride and groom cartoons can be given some signature identification like a watch that the groom always wears or a dimple on the face of the bride.

A caricature invitation video is definitely an adorable idea and will bring a smile to the faces of your guests. You can also use the same caricatures on all your wedding stationery.

2. Stop Motion Video

A stop-motion video is a cute way of representing a story. But it is difficult to create. Along with downloading a free online video editor to create your invitation video, you may have to hire a professional. You can tell a story through stop-motion videos using images and even a theme. Will your invitation be loved? Yes, and everyone is going to remember it for a long time to come.

3. Bold and Bright Video

Indian weddings are well-known to be loud and colorful events. You can create a wedding invitation video that is over the top and blingy. Combine it with a loud wedding song, and you are ready with an invitation that screams your invite to the guests and will stay in their minds forever. The content of this type of invitation can be simple and straightforward. The colors will take care of the effect.

4. Destination Wedding

How about a destination wedding invitation video made on a world map? Cool Right? If you are having a destination wedding, take your guests across the globe using an animated video. This idea is cool, fun, and different. Decorate your video using elements from your destination like waves, if it is a beach wedding or the Eiffel tower if you are going to say ‘I do in Paris.

5. DIY Invitation Video

You can make your own invitation video using your photo, a phone, and a simple free invitation maker. Many of the video editors available today come with easy-to-use tools that can give you professional-quality videos within no time. Almost every software/application comes with settings, add-ons, effects, and more. Go ahead, and try making your invite. No, you won’t fail. Trust InVideo to help you out.


There are plenty of tech ideas that can make your invitation video stand out from all the others. Try the ones mentioned above to enthrall your guests with your special effects. Combine the wizardry with some emotions and a few personal touches, and what you will have is a video that people will talk about even years after your wedding/special event.