Careers to consider in the world of Digital

It wasn’t long ago that careers in the digital space were the domain of nerds. Usually, guys who didn’t like sport, who didn’t go outside, who didn’t bath too often and who battled to talk to other humans – especially females. But that stereotype has changed hugely in the last decade with digital careers now the domain of the hip and the cool. This is partly because digital has now become such a central part of our daily existence and partly because the scope for careers in this space has expanded far beyond programming in the basement.

The range of careers in the digital space is massive and it is also very new – the opportunities and job titles that exist now are things that were unimaginable and unheard of only a few years ago. So, if a career in digital is something that you want to consider, here are a few angles that you might want to consider.

Become a search wizard

Helping to optimize websites for search is a huge field and a very important one. A website that lacks traffic is a waste of money and the front for a company that is probably going to go under. Because websites are one of the most common sources for a new business it is critical that any site can be found by the relevant people and this is where SEO comes in. There are plenty of companies offering SEO services in Australia and they are always looking for bright and well-studied millennials to join their teams.

UX People

UX is a phrase that didn’t really exist ten years ago. Now it is possible to study it at university and to build a career out of it. In short, it stands for User Experience and it covers off the way that people interact with the digital platforms. It is more than just design. It is about the user journey and experience. About what works and what doesn’t from an interaction perspective. What features and implementations bring people back and secure repeat visits and what looks good but is redundant. This is the domain of the UX expert, and it makes for a fascinating career.

Community Managers

Similar in many ways to an editor, but more the domain of social media engagements and publishing. As brands strive to grow their social followings on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, so they need people to manage those communities. In short, to be the voice of the brand. There is no point in building a following if you are not going to interact with it and engage. This is a role that requires strong management and writing abilities as well as a good understanding of marketing and brands.


So many people have relevant and interesting things to say, and one of the big advantages of the digital era is that it has given rise to lots of independent voices. Media is no longer about big corporations deciding on what people should be told and what they don’t need to know. Now anybody can build an audience and monetize it and YouTube are currently making lots of people very wealthy. If you have the skills and the opinions investigate it – you might be surprised at what can be made of a successful channel.