How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website In 2019?

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website In 2019?

If you are curious about the answer to the above question, what we can say for sure is that it all comes down to how much work would be involved. Specifically, the size and complexity of your new website determine how much work is involved. This would mean that a professional and aesthetically beautiful website with standard customization would cost you less than a highly customized website.

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In terms of monetary value, the cost for building a new website in 2019 is likely to cost you from USD 1,000 up to USD 10,000. While that may be a bit big a range, we will be breaking things down to get you a more realistic estimate on the costs associated with designing and developing your website.

Hiring a Professional

Hiring a professional to build your website for you makes sense, especially if you are out being busy running your new enterprise. Doing so would also be beneficial for you if you do not consider yourself a “techie”. We’re sure that if you have thought about this, you have already searched for freelance developers and designers online. However, these searches might not be at all successful. The reason is that job ads for this type of work do not include rates. To add, you may also encounter a wide range of rates, from super cheap to ridiculously expensive.

We have done the hard work for you, as we have scoured the web looking for the going rate this 2019. Our searches revealed that hiring a developer for your entirely new website for a small business would cost you around USD 3,000 to USD 6,000. However, it may also cost you up to USD 20,000, depending on the intricacy of the design and user interface, and experience you are aiming for. After all, users only wait for a page to load for about 8 seconds, research says.

While the above amount is only an estimate, let’s try to take a closer look at the factors that affect these rates:

  • Page volume – If you require a 25-page website and the developer’s rate starts at USD 3,000, you may have to add at least USD 100 per page. Situations vary but this would give you an idea, to say the least.
  • Custom site layout – Every website you find on the internet starts with a template or a theme. However, you should know that this is only the starting point. As with any other website, these templates and themes need customization. A good rule of thumb is that if you require more customization, you should be prepared to pay a lot more.
  • Custom images and graphics – Pretty pictures and images give your website a fancy look. However, it comes at a price. Not only that, sophisticated visual effects would likely cost you a lot more, as it would require purchasing top-notch editing software.
  • Custom programming – While plugins that provide specific functionalities are widely available online, you may encounter significant trial and error testing.
  • Design revisions – As with any other project, these websites start with an initial design, solely based on what you want. With this, it is very common for developers to offer at least one or two rounds of revisions just to be able to incorporate your requirements. However, if you are constantly requiring revisions from your designer, it may entail additional costs.
  • Content creation – Thoughtful and solid content is what makes your website great. In fact, it is the very foundation of your website. With this, the cost would be dependent on the amount of information that you require to publish.

Do It Yourself

If you consider yourself a “techie”, then you might want to try building your own website from scratch. In fact, the materials you are going to need would not cost you that much as the previously discussed costs. Forbes has some tips on how to create a unique website, which is certainly worth the read.

  • Domain name – Registering a new domain would cost you around USD 10 to USD 12 annually. In addition, there is a wide variety of registrars found online.
  • Website hosting – Standard web hosting would cost you around USD 100 up to USD 500 yearly.
  • SSL certificate – This expense would certainly help you secure your website via the HTTP protocol, even if you are not planning to sell products from your website. Getting an SSL certificate would cost you around USD 10 up to USD 300 a year.
  • Premium website theme – There could be hundreds or thousands of themes you can choose from, which would cost you around USD 100 to USD 150. If you want a beautiful website, then we suggest that you spend a few dollars to get a high-quality theme.
  • Premium plugins – Just like your website theme, we do recommend that you invest a couple more dollars to obtain premium plugins. Pro tip – be careful when selecting a plugin for your website. While some of these plugins work great, others don’t really work as advertised, which may only have you make an expensive mistake.
  • Stock Photos – Getting high-quality photos wouldn’t be a problem if you already are a great photographer. However, this is not the case for everyone who wants to build a new website. A workaround for this problem is getting high-quality stock photos from reputable sites that offer royalty-free images at affordable prices.
  • Education – This is very important, especially if you only know the basics. While it may cost you around USD 25 to USD 300, you will get a lot of learning from buying a few books or taking online courses on how to be proficient in Photoshop, HTML, and CSS coding language, among others.

In total, you may be expected to spend around USD 300 up to USD 6,000 to get your new website up and running. As obvious as it is, the main cost would always be your time. In fact, a simple website would probably take you up to 40 hours, which may be sufficient to produce a decent-looking website. We’re sure that if you have thought about this, you have already searched for freelance developers and designers online. It’s always a viable option to go for a custom New York website design agency that can meet your needs. But it’s important to do your research properly before making your final decision.