Most Common Myths About Computer Science Debunked

Common Myths About Computer Science

There are many different misconceptions about Computer Science. But, how many of them are facts? Like in any other subject, most of the misconceptions tend to have a mental effect on people who are just planning to get into a computer science class. Here are the most common misconceptions or myths about computer science.

1. Computer science is for boys

This is a common misconception not only in computer science but also in other technical fields. Many people believe that computer science is for boys.

While we can’t deny the fact that computer science is a male-dominated field, anyone can get into it and succeed regardless of their gender. There are many women who have made incredible inventions in the field of computer science. To counter this misconception, there have spirited efforts to encourage more girls to enroll in STEM classes.

2. Computer Science is all about coding

This is another common misconception that is not true. While most computer scientists turn out to be coders, the subject is not all about programming. There are different branches of computer science that can be executed without coding skills.

Some branches within computer science require more problem-solving skills rather than just coding skills. For instance, you don’t have to be a programmer in order to do hardware repair and maintenance.

3. You Have to be good at math to succeed in computer science

It is true that mathematics and computer science go hand in hand. However, you don’t have to be an astute mathematician in order to succeed in the field of computer science.

Mathematics plays a big role in helping computer scientists to come up with the right algorithms that can be used to solve a particular problem. As long as you are good at dealing with algebra, you will have an easy time in the computer science class. Also, there are several elements of computer science that don’t require math skills.

4. You must learn computer science in order to succeed in the tech industry

Tech industry may look intimidating to someone who is not doing computer science. Anyone can break into the tech industry, including that person who has not studied computer science.

You don’t have to be a computer scientist in order to be a coder. If the project that you are working on requires some coding skills, you can go to the internet and watch programming tutorials.

5. Computer science is too complicated for young students

Well, computer science may be quite a complex field. In fact, most people believe that very young students should not be introduced to computer science. This is not true, young children can also be introduced into computer science. The only thing that matters is how we teach them.

There are simpler and child-friendly ways of teaching young students the principles of computer science. You can use block-based coding techniques or even use sophisticated electronic projects. By starting them early, you will be building a strong foundation which they will need in the future.

6. Computer science is for geeks

A geek is a socially inept person who is always regarded as unfashionable. Many computer scientists tend to be geeks. Their whole lives tend to revolve around computers, coding, gaming, and other similar stuff. This has created a notion that the course is best suited for the geeks or nerds.

Anyone can learn and be good in computer science, even the very social people who seem to enjoy life beyond the computer screen. As long as you have the passion and the willingness to make big moves, you will be successful in this field.

7. It is hard to integrate computer science into other core subjects

As an independent subject, people tend to assume that it is hard to integrate computer science into other subjects such as history, math, and even English.

This is not true. A full computer science project is likely as integration with other subjects. While Math and Physics are the two most-common subjects, other subjects such as English can come in especially when doing project documentation.

Well, these are the most common misconceptions about computer science? Have you come across any other CS misconception that you think we should know? Share it in the comments section.

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