10 Free Websites to Learn Any Programming Language

There are hundreds of courses available on the internet that you can buy to learn any programming language. But, it’s not possible for everyone to pay for online courses because of several reasons. Keeping that in mind, I’ve prepared a list of websites that provide absolutely free tutorials to learn various popular programming languages. These websites will teach you programming in a much simpler way and free of cost. Without wasting further time, let’s get into it.

10 Websites to Learn Programming For Free

1. Code Academy

Codeacademy best websites for web development

Code Academy is a learning website that offers tutorials on different programming languages. Python, Java and C++ are some of the languages that are available on this website. The website caters for both the beginners and intermediate programmers. All the lessons are availed in a way that you can understand without struggling.

Code Academy covers the basics of programming languages such as syntax, functions and classes. It also allows learners to edit and run their codes directly on its website. You don’t need to download a developing environment.

2. W3Schools

W3schools best websites for web development

W3Schools is a popular website for learning web technologies online. Its content includes tutorials and references relating to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, PHP, AngularJS, SQL, Bootstrap, Node.js, jQuery, XQuery, AJAX, and XML. Thus making them receive more than 10 million unique visitors monthly.

The owner of this school is Refsnes Data and is launched in 1998. Its name is derived from the World Wide Web but is not affiliated with the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). The company that runs it is located in Norway. W3Schools presents thousands of code examples. By using an online editor, readers can edit examples and execute the code in a sandbox.

3. Mozilla Developer Network

mozilla developer network

MDN Web Docs is its new name (previously Mozilla Developer Network and formerly Mozilla Developer Center), is the official Mozilla website for development documentation of web standards and Mozilla projects. It is a resource for developers, maintained by the community of developers and technical writers and hosting many documents on a wide variety of subjects, such as HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, Web APIs, js, and WebExtensions. For mobile web developers, MDN provides documentation on subjects such as building an HTML5 mobile app, building a mobile add-on, and location-aware apps.

4. The Odin Project

The odin project

The Odin Project is for absolute beginners and those who have tried other resources without success. In reality, The Odin Project is for anyone who wants to work as a web developer, do freelancing work, build a startup, or just hack together a homepage for yourself. All the tools you need are here. They have an in-depth curriculum designed to take you 100% of the way to becoming a web developer. The Odin Project, you will be taught to create your own websites, games, and social media sites.

Their curriculum has also been designed in a modular fashion, making skimming through lessons easy. The Odin Project then digs deep into HTML and CSS, along with Javascript, JQuery and Backbone to give all the tools necessary to make websites flow, load quickly, and look great.

5. Tutorialspoint

Tutorialspoint is an online tutorial website for aspiring computer programmers. The website provides comprehensive tutorials on various programming languages. It is ideal for someone who is just getting into Computer Science and would like to learn some coding. The website’s rich library will give you more than you need.

Tutorialspoint also provides an environment where you can edit codes compile and run them. Some of the programming languages that you can learn from this site include HTML 5, Python, Perl, PHP, Java, C, C++ and Node.js.

6. Studytonight

Studytonight is an online learning centre that teaches various technical subjects and programming languages. Unlike other popular online tutorials, Studytonight digs deeper into the core topics of computer science. Some of the topics that you can learn from this website include Java, C language, CSS, SQL, computer network, operating system, Mongo, Python, CAO, Game development with Unity, Scrum, JSP, Apache Cordova, C++, and many others.

Studytonight offers tutorials in a simple language that can be easily understood by anyone. In addition to that, the site provides tests which you can use to gauge your understanding. The tests can also be used as tools for revision.

7. Geeks for Geeks

Geeks for Geeks is a website that is curated to prepare students who are going for interviews that are related to computer science. The website provides all kinds of solutions starting from the simplest ones to more technical ones. The website also provides a fully functional and interactive IDE that you can use to modify and test codes. Some of the main programming languages that are covered in the website include C, Java, and Python.

8. JavaTpoint

JavaTpoint provides tutorials on various issues that are related to computer and modern technology. The site has training tutorials on all programming languages including the new ones such as Kotlin. It also teaches about latest developments such as Blockchain and AI.
JavaTpont also gives technical solutions for Computer Science interviews.

9. Google’s Python Class

Python Class eBoook from Google is rated among the best online tutorial for studying Python language. The website is best-suited for intermediate and experienced learners. All the concepts of Python are well written and demonstrated. The tutorials also use practical examples that can help you to have a deeper understanding of the Python language.

The content on this website is available in different formats. You will have unlimited access to both eBooks and video tutorials. This gives learners the freedom to choose whichever format that they want. You will also encounter exercises at the end of each topic or concept.

10. Tech Dev Guide

Tech Dev Guide by google for developers-compressed

Google’s Tech Dev Guide website helps you to grow your technical skills.  Whether you’re a student or an educator, newer to computer science or a more experienced coder, or otherwise interested in software engineering, there’s something for you here in Google’s Guide to Technical Development. It is a collection of material from many sources, including Google, that you can use to supplement your classwork or direct your own learning.