5 Best Websites To Learn MEAN Stack Development

MEAN is an acronym for MongoDBExpressJSAngularJs, and NodeJs. MEAN stack refers to a collection of JavaScript-based technologies used to develop web applications both front-end and back-end (full-Stack). If you are excited and enthusiastic about making your career as a full-stack developer in the field of Web development then learning and mastering MEAN Stack development can really land you up to your dream jobs.

This article is focused on suggesting to you the top 5 online resources i.e. websites from where you can commence your journey and master the skill in MEAN stack development within a few months.

Best Websites to Learn MEAN Stack Development

1. Udemy

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Udemy.com is one of the most popular and trusted e-learning sites among millions of developers like you and me. The courses range in various categories from engineering, music to cooking, and many more. Unlike academic MOOC programs which are driven by traditional collegiate coursework, Udemy uses content from online content creators to sell for profit.

If you have a low budget and still want quality content material for learning MEAN-Stack then, this is also a very good choice to get your feet into the learning phase. The best part about Udemy is that the course never expires so, you can take as much time as you want to learn with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The courses are designed to cover up the basics to an advance level with a number of exercises and projects to give you enough practice while learning. Udemy also provides you the courses in various languages so, if you are not good at English, no need to worry about this as well.

2. Simply learn

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Simply Learn is an online e-learning platform for most of the basic and advanced courses ranging from web to AI and much more. The course offered by this site in MEAN Stack development is really a great deal. This course is designed to learn from scratch, with no prior experience which is really handy to grab fresh concepts. Simply learn claims that the average salary of a MEAN-stack developer in India is about 10-15 LPA.

The course covers HTML, CSS, Angular (front-end framework), Node.js (back-end runtime environment), MongoDB (a database) and Express (back-end framework). Once you buy the course, the access is for 1 year which is quite sufficient to learn these topics. Their learning path is designed to make you feel at ease and covers some industrial-based projects, which is most important since learning only comes with practice, and doing projects gives the hands-on practice for your newly learned skills. It may cost you a bit high but trust me this course is jam-packed to bring you to an intermediate level developer in about a year.

3. Coursera

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If you are someone who has little experience in technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript then, you can directly start learning from the intermediate level using the Coursera e-learning platform. Coursera is a highly renowned platform to provide online learning content designed directly by professors from the best Universities across the globe i.e if you want a course that is taught by one of the professors from Stanford then, Coursera is for you.

The Course in MEAN-Stack offered by this course on Coursera is designed to indulge you in an intermediate level, where you will get to learn the following.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of server-side concepts, CRUD, and REST.
  • Build and configure a backend server using the NodeJS framework.
  • Build a RESTful API for the front end to access backend services.

The payment mechanism is designed to pay monthly and learn so, you need not pay a bulky amount at once which makes it easy and affordable for students and professionals as well to get access to the course.

4. Tutorials Point

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Learning with quality content is the priority whenever we enroll in any of the online courses and getting that quality absolutely for free is just like icing on the cake. Tutorialspoints bring our free course imagination come true.

This website is also jam-packed with the variety, of course, to choose from and if want to learn to MEAN- Stack by dividing the technology like MongoDB then Angular, you can enroll on the video content provided by this site for no-money with good exercises and well-experienced instructors.

5. Pluralsight

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This e-learning platform keeps us up to date with new technology and expert-led courses, assessments, and tools that help you build the skills you need.

Its expert lead courses in various technology really teach us the most updated course content with a 10-day free trial. Pluralsight have individual courses on MongoDB, Express, NodeJs, Angular with level defined in separate category i.e. if you are a beginner, you can enroll in their beginner-level course content and if you are experienced one then you can access their intermediate or high-level courses thus maintaining a right balance of learning.


Though you have to pay to learn these skills, it is advised to start off from the small courses on youtube. You should build a basic level and then enroll in the above-mentioned site courses. This will help to clear your concepts in a much-refined way and you can give time on your projects where you can apply the skills rather than learning syntax.