Why Should Programmers Learn Mean Stack Development?

What is MEAN Stack?

MEAN is a combination of user-friendly JavaScript frameworks that are ideal for building dynamic applications and websites. It’s an open source stack and free, designed to offer developers an organized and quick method of making quick prototypes Mean -based web apps. One main benefit of mean-stack is that one language -JavaScript, is used/runs at every level of the app, making it a modern and efficient approach to web development.

Mean Stack is built with a great combination of technological mediums including:

  • MongoDB as its database,
  • ExpressJS as the web framework,
  • AngularJS as its fronted framework,
  • Node.js as its server platform.

Mean stack is very versatile with the JavaScript shinning throughout the stack.

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Key Features And Advantages Of Mean Stack.

The reason is very clear as to how and why the technologies amalgamated to execute Mean Stack. It’s JavaScript that brings them all together. Below is an analysis of its potential to assist developers to know why they should consider using Mean Stack on their next projects:

1. JavaScript

One reason for picking Mean stack over most is due to the single language for both client side and server side. Because of the single language which is JavaScript, the web-development processes becomes neat. In addition to that, JavaScript doesn’t need an extra software, it only needs its own web-browser for executing a web-page.

2. Node.js

This is a runtime environment for the JavaScript and works more than the traditional web server. It also works with most operating systems like Linux, Windows & OS X, thus offering a great O.S independence.

3. MongoDB

MongoDB is a good choice for a database when managing big tables with loads of data. Unlike most databases, adding fields to MongoDB is relatively simpler as it doesn’t need updating the whole table. Moreover, it’s a no S.Q.L model database making it very useful when using many applications.

4. Angular.js

This is a front JavaScript framework which develops single page applications. Together with Node.js, they provide a server-side solution. This ensures that the programming of applications becomes very effective.

Key Advantages Of Mean Stack:

1. Employment: More & more employers are in search of engineers familiar to Mean Stack & other JavaScript based technologies.

2. Quick and Simple: Building applications and websites that revolve around a single language- JavaScript, is very straightforward and easy to execute.

3. Adaptability: Because of the versatility of Mean Stack’s single programming language- JavaScript, it’s highly adaptable to a range of web apps.

4. Active Dev Community: Stack runs on JavaScript, a very common programming language with some of the most active developer-communities, who offer solutions to many problems.


Mean stack gives an effective and modern insight to web development. It also utilizes the power of modernized S.P.As (single page applications), which doesn’t need entirely refreshing a web-page on each and every request. All technologies present within the stack are open source and free in nature. Hence, anyone can benefit from any version upgrade because of the contributions made by the huge community of developers from across the globe.