5 Best JavaScript Frameworks for Web and App Development

There has been a great increase in the popularity of JavaScript in recent years. There are various advantages of using JavaScript frameworks, some of the advantages include, safety, high-efficiency rate, the cost among other advantages. In 2018, there are some Best Modern JavaScript frameworks that have done well. In this article, I am going to state them and give a brief description of them.

5 Best Modern JavaScript frameworks

1. AngularJS


This is commonly known as the model-view whatever (MVW) framework. Since the time of its invention, it has gone through important changes. At by now, this is reasonably called one of the most used JS frameworks for single-page applications development. It is also said to be supporting the largest community of developers. There are also two categories of that are angularJS. You can search more on it.

2. ReactJS


This type is based more on the library. It usually shows its efficiency in a high dynamic application such as Facebooks and Instagram. It is also one of the highly growing js frameworks in the market today. It is estimated that there are around 1000 active participants on it. If compared to angular, reacts is more accurate and provides the performance of a huge boost because of using virtual DOM

3. Vue.js


In the year 2016, we experienced the invention of Vue 2.0 which was better as compared to Ember, Angular and react by then and this led to putting it to a hard package. In addition, we experienced faster learning to learners as compared to other frameworks. To upgrade this vue.js has gone into deeper by offering two-way data binding and another great improvement. This type also is seen to be the best for quicker development. There is also more information on these frameworks you can search more from the internet.

4. Ember.js

ember js

In the earlier years of 21st century, Ember was seen to be the best JavaScript frameworks of all the web applications as compared to others. This has however not changed, today ember.js is seen to be the boost for the much online community, with regular updates and it is through this that the JavaScript is seen to be the right one.

5. Meteor.js


This is the most common known JavaScript frameworks among many people. Since 2013 it has also undergone various changes that have made it grow and improve its work rate.